With Christmas just around the corner, are you left wondering whether you want to change your Christmas colour scheme, or have you had the same decorations for years and fancy updating them?

If you love the nostalgia of Christmas traditional colours like reds, greens and golds then come and explore into the world of our ‘traditional’ decorating theme and what we have to offer to adorn your home with.

Decorating Your Home

Decorating the tree can be an enjoyable task for the whole family with our selection of decorations. You will also have peace of mind knowing that the younger children can enjoy taking part as many of our decorations are shatterproof. Each hanging decoration is delicately colourful and will be a feast for all eyes that visit your home. Matching tinsel draped over the tree that sparkles in the light, along with clusters of reds and golds will make your tree look majestic as well as giving you the full feeling of festiveness.

Without forgetting those individual decorations, the ones that will embellish your tree into a traditional and woodland theme. The ‘woodland’ theme is an extension of the ‘traditional’ theme, which includes hanging cute woodland creatures like owls and squirrels. We also have a selection of small and large ornaments like forest trees and reindeers, which are all made from sustainable materials such as wood and rattan, which will add rustic charm to your seasonal decoration.

Christmas Day

Christmas morning has different meanings for everyone, some like to share their presents first and there are those who like to take their time. However you do it, you can set the tone by embracing the traditional colours. A lounge full of nostalgic ornaments on tables or shelves, figures of traditional Christmas characters or a traditional Christmas plant; the Poinsettia.

Christmas Dinner

It’s a special time, being all together enjoying food with the bond of family or friends, even more so at Christmas. Having roast turkey for some is high on their list of priorities by having a traditional Christmas. You can enhance the magic by having that beautifully decorated table for everyone to sit at. With runners, tablecloths and napkins in those traditional colours that you love along with cute gold napkin holders in shapes of Christmas trees, gold candle holders or even an intricate bowl with matching colour baubles.

Add table mats in contrasting colours of gold, we also have a selection of tableware like Christmas themed plates and glasses which will elevate your festive dining experience. We even have the younger generation covered, with the Christmas decorated plastic tableware for the infants in the family who want to join in with the festivities! Not forgetting those Christmas crackers, we have them to match the traditional theme ready to be pulled on Christmas day.

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