A magnificent feature plant, Heuchera ‘Forever Purple’ is a compact, clump forming, evergreen perennial, exhibiting deep purple leaves with fluted edges. They retain their colour all year round and provide a dramatic backdrop to any border or garden. During the summer months, armies of small, bell shaped salmon-pink flowers bloom on stout maroon stems. ‘Forever Purple’ is a metallic-looking must have for any display.

Fact File

Sun requirementsFull sun to full shade
Soil Moist but well drained – neutral pH
Hardiness Quiet hardy, can be sheltered or exposed
Size Can grow to 50cm height x 50cm width
Flowering timeSummer

Growing guide


‘Forever Purple’ can grow in full sun or full shade conditions with moist, well drained soil. If you grow it in full sun, keep the soil consistently moist.


Regularly water as required so the foliage doesn’t wither. It thrives in dry shade once fully established, which can take up to 5 years. Apply winter mulch after the ground freezes to help prevent root heaving and follow with a light spring mulch to re-establish soil moisture. It works best when planted in groups.


Deadhead faded flower spikes to encourage further bloom. Tidy up the foliage in autumn, removing any dead or untidy leaves and stems. Pruning can occur at any time throughout the year. As it is a semi-evergreen plant, Heuchera is fairly low maintenance.

Complementary Planting Ideas

Heuchera ‘Forever Purple’ is complemented if you plant with ferns, hellebores or hostas as their natural green colour provides a muted background for the Heuchera to shine.


This remarkable and hardy plant will add a pop of colour to any outdoor space throughout the whole year even during the colder winter months.

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