January Health & Wellness Sessions

January may be the month we look forward and make positive resolutions. It can also be the time the winter blues creep in, especially in these ever-changing times.

To help start the year the best way, Hillier Garden Centres and our charity partner Maggie’s have teamed up to bring you a series of virtual health and wellness sessions by Maggie's practitioners this January. Maggie’s free cancer support is available face to face in the centre or by phone, email or online to help people with stress, fear and anxiety as well as money worries and questions about treatment.  They know that support means more than just medical treatment and that emotional support and positive activities can really make a difference to physical and mental well-being. 

Tune in to our Facebook page Wednesday lunchtimes at 12.30pm starting Wednesday 13th January and enjoy some uplifting yoga sessions and calming guided relaxation exercises.

Due to current circumstances and safety considerations, please be aware all sessions are pre-recorded practises. Join at the live time and be part of the community all taking part at once. Or, if you miss a session, the recording will remain on our Facebook page for you to enjoy at leisure.

Wishing you a positive and peaceful start to the year.    

Wednesday 13th January @ 12.30pm

Relaxation Practice | Run by Lorrie from Maggie’s Lanarkshire

Offering a perfect counterbalance to the dark days of January, Lorrie leads a guided session in which you can imagine you are relaxing on an idyllic beach.  

Duration: 15 minutes

Equipment needed:

  • A quiet, calm space

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Wednesday 20th January @ 12.30pm

Yoga Essential - Sun Salutation  | Run by Sally at Nightingale Yoga

Sun salutation is one of the most important and best-known yoga sequences. Designed to express gratitude to the sun (even in the middle of winter!), it is also a wonderful full body workout. Once mastered, it can be practised daily. In this short video, Sally guides us through three rounds of sun salutation.   

Duration: 7 minutes

Equipment needed:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • A yoga mat / towel (optional)
  • Enough floor space  

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Participant feedback on Yoga with Sally

“I’m looking forward to starting back at your Monday Maggie’s class which I’ve found so useful. The main pleasure for me is the way your gentle yoga puts me back in touch with my body and enables me to enjoy it again. This is my second bout of breast cancer (my first was over 20 years ago) and I found the treatments so destructive last time – mentally as well as physically – that I became completely alienated from my body. Yoga would have made such a difference. My treatments have been easier this time, but your classes have had a huge healing effect too. Thank you!”

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Wednesday 27th January @ 12.30pm

Standing Yoga | Run by Sally at Nightingale Yoga

The wonderful thing about yoga is that you really can practice it anywhere, any time. In this short, joyful, standing yoga practice, Sally demonstrates a sequence of moves that could even be enjoyed outside in your full winter weather gear, helping make the most of time in nature.

Find out more about Nightingale Yoga

Duration: 11 minutes

Equipment needed:

  • Space (indoors or outdoors). If outdoors, will need a tree, wall, or solid object to balance against during one sectionDuration: 30 minutes

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