With all the trouble that goes into making a Christmas dinner, it’s worth making sure your table looks the part too. With a little preparation you can really set the tone by having a beautiful dinner table at Christmas. Our guide will show you how to make a classically beautiful Christmas table setting.

Choose a theme

Christmas table setting

The first step in planning your Christmas table is to decide your theme. Are you going to create an understated, stylish table with subtle nods to the festive season? Or go all out and really embrace the Christmas spirit?

As well as the theme, you also need to think about the colours you’re going to use. Try to choose colours that match or complement your other decorations or dining room. Once you’ve chosen your theme and colours, you’ll be able to start dressing the table.

Create a Centrepiece

People making festive centrepieces
Table Decoration Event

If you want your table to make a real impact, you’ll need an impressive festive centrepiece.

When creating a centrepiece, start with a table runner as your base, then layer it up with pieces that fit your chosen style. If, for example, you’re planning a more traditional table setting, add garlands and fairy lights, or for a more contemporary style why not add fresh or dried flowers?

Keep in mind that Christmas dinner usually involves lots of different dishes, so keep your centrepiece relatively small to avoid taking up valuable space. If space is limited, candlesticks or vases with narrow bases are a good choice.

Lay the table

Table setting

Christmas dinner is a special meal, so it’s important that your table is special too!

To make your guests feel as though they are in an exclusive restaurant, use matching crockery and stack your soup bowls on top of matching dinner plates. Minimal white dining sets look fresh and modern, creating a striking contrast against your festive table decorations, while classic colours such as red and gold, and tartan prints, work well if you’re going for a more traditional look.

The finishing touches

The most exciting part of preparing your Christmas table is adding all the festive finishing touches. Here are our top tips:

Festive foliage

Red Poinsettia In Pot
Red Poinsettia In Pot

Seasonal foliage looks really eye catching on the table. Whether you use branches or even mini Christmas trees, they’ll add a lovely flourish to your table. Seasonal plants such as the classic Poinsettia also work really well.



Whether you use them in your centrepiece, scatter them across the table or use them to dress each place setting, pinecones always look at home on a Christmas table. You can even spray the cones with metallic paint or glitter to match your colour scheme.

Homemade place settings

christmas placemats

Homemade place settings add a personal touch to the table. You can even personalise your placemats by simply painting old placemats with chalk paint and write a message or note for each guest.

Hang decorations

shelf with christmas decorations

If your room allows, hanging decorations such as baubles over the table can create a really striking display. Or, if you can’t hang them from the ceiling, hang them on the wall behind the table, on the mantlepiece or even from the back of the dining chairs.

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