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Protecting the future

In recent years, awareness of environmental and sustainability issues has grown, with people and companies everywhere recognising the importance of good environmental management.

A pioneering spirit
Hillier has always been a pioneer within horticulture, pursuing policies that have proved both commercially and environmentally beneficial.

We aim to work innovatively, sustainably and with integrity, to secure our position as an industry leader and a leader of good environmental practice.

Waste watching
One of the company’s most successful projects has been to improve water management.

Since 1994, all collectable ‘run-off’ (rainfall and irrigation) from the 50-acre Hillier Tree Container Nursery has been recycled. A 3.8million gallon reservoir and water filtration system was installed allowing water to be stored and re-used. The scheme won a national water “Waste Watchers” award and has meant that the unit is virtually self-sufficient in terms of water supply.

With millions of plants produced on our nurseries every year, controlling waste in production is vital. Pots used in the production process are recycled as well as other plastic waste. Various biodegradable pots are being trialled with the aim to further reduce the use of plastics. All organic wastes are processed into quality graded soil conditioners.

For Peat’s sake
We actively support research and development investigating alternatives to peat. Reductions in the use of peat as part of a growing media are on-going with commercial trials being carried out on site.
Our containerised tree production is now entirely peat-free.

Chemistry and biology

Hillier has greatly reduced its use of chemicals to control pest and disease by the introduction of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

IPM uses biological control to manage pests, as well as chemicals with low environmental impact that work in harmony with natural predators. We implement a number of biological solutions across our business:

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our own operations to include working with suppliers and taking a leading role in industry-wide initiatives.

External recognition for Hillier Sustainable Practice
We have been fortunate enough to have been recognised for our environmental policies with awards from both within and outside of the horticultural industry:

Making sustainability policy

The Hillier sustainability policy ensures best practice in a number of key areas beyond plants across our company: