Our Largest Ever Range of Real Cut Christmas Trees

One of our favourite times of year is finally here. Deliveries of thousands of real Christmas trees have been safely made to every Hillier Garden Centre and our magical real tree forests are now set up and waiting for you! This year, we are pleased to offer you our largest ever range of top quality cut Christmas trees, hand-picked by our horticultural experts. All our trees are responsibly sourced and for every tree that is cut down, another is planted.

There are plenty of other botanical treasures to be hunted out in our atmospheric Christmas tree forests. Why not make a full occasion of your visit; browse for some new Christmas decorations in our centres and stop in for a festive bite at a Hillier restaurant.

Our Hillier staff will be on hand to give advice and help you select, net and take home your tree. We look forward to welcoming you to your local Hillier Garden Centre to help you choose the perfect tree this Christmas!*

Cut Christmas Tree Varieties

Our Christmas tree forests include a great range of classic cut trees varieties, ideal for indoor use, or pot-grown trees for continued or outdoor use at heights starting from 2ft (pot-grown trees only) up to 8ft (cut trees only).

Cut Nordmann Fir

The most popular variety of real Christmas tree in the UK. Rich and dark-green in colour with soft needles that are renowned for not dropping.

Cut Norway Spruce

The traditional Christmas tree, compact and bushy. Has an excellent green colour of foliage and reddish bark. To ensure good needle retention, must be well-watered at home.

Cut Fraser Fir

A compact, delightfully scented Christmas tree with silver under its leaves. Keeps its needles well.

Cut Noble Fir

A Christmas tree variety renowned for its strong branches and soft, scented needles.

Cut Lasiocarpa ** NEW FOR 2018 **

This variety has a soft silver colour and lovely scented leaves.

Cut Slim Nordmann Fir ** NEW FOR 2018 **

With its slim, upright form this Christmas tree is an ideal choice for smaller spaces.

We increasingly see people buying multiple Christmas trees; one main feature tree and a second positioned outside or perhaps in a smaller room. With such a large range to choose from, you should easily be able to find the perfect tree for any spot!

How to Pick the Perfect Tree

Whatever size and style of tree you opt for, follow our tips and choose the perfect one for you:

  • Check the tree thoroughly before purchasing. Don’t buy a tree that is already wrapped
  • Know the height and width of the space you will put it in. Many people are conscious of height but less aware of the available width. Don’t forget to allow room for your tree topper!
  • Look for nicely layered branches without damage (not that you will find damaged branches on a Hillier tree!)
  • Glossy colour indicates the tree has not dried out

Caring for your Christmas Tree at Home

As with all living things, you need to give your tree a little love at home to keep it at its best.

  • Once you get your Christmas tree home, cut two to three inches off the bottom of the trunk, un-net it and leave it outside in a bucket of water for 12 to 24 hours before bringing inside (for indoor trees). It is important to cut this small amount off to ensure the tree takes up all the water it needs, as the original cut made in the field will have ‘healed over’
  • Don’t position indoor trees by a radiator or they will dry out. Or, if you need to, turn the radiator off!
  • Trees are thirsty things, so water yours weekly. Be sure to choose a stand for your Christmas tree that comes complete with a water reservoir

Cut Trees and Pot Grown Trees

Cut trees have traditionally been the more popular Christmas tree choice. In recent years, though, we have seen a growing interest in pot-grown trees. These are often chosen as a second tree, given a prominent spot by the front door or home.

Find out more about our range of pot grown Christmas trees here.

* Christmas Tree varieties may vary by centre, please check your local Hillier Garden Centre for range and availability of all cut trees.