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Woven Garden Furniture Sets

Image: Canterbury modular dining set

Our synthetic woven furniture is maintenance-free, resistant to the elements and retains the classic qualities of natural wicker. Woven furniture is lightweight, strong and rust-free.

Weave types

Willow Weave

A unique willow colour 20mm flat with 5mm round weave. Has a contoured surface, retaining the attractive look and feel of natural wicker with the benefit of the durability of a synthetic product.

Oatmeal Weave

A popular oatmeal colour 5mm half-moon weave. Sets with Oatmeal weave are finished with a 5mm round trim. The weave is lightly brushed to enhance the authentic look and feel of the wicker.

Dove-grey Weave

An attractive dove grey, smooth, 5mm half-moon weave. Finished with a 5mm trim. Practical, stylish and acclaimed for its good looks.


Willow Weave Sets


Blewbury 2 Seater Set

An elegant table for two. Complements almost any garden setting, with its neat proportions and durable, lightweight weave.

Weave: Willow

Seats: Two

Includes: 80cm bistro table; 2x dining armchairs including fawn cushion

Dimensions: Table 80cm round. Requires 80 x 240cm floor space.

Canterbury Dining Set

A classically beautiful woven dining set with round, glass-topped table complete with four armchairs and a crank handle, brushed aluminium parasol.

Weave: Willow

Seats: Four

Includes: 120cm round dining table; 4x dining armchairs with fawn cushions; brushed aluminium crank handle UV50 parasol with base

Dimensions: Table 120cm round. Requires 300 x 300cm floor space.

Marlborough Modular Set

An incredibly stylishly yet comfortable modular sofa set complete with fawn cushions, dining table and two dining stools (additional blue cushions, pictured, not included)

Weave: Willow

Seats: Four – Six including stools

Includes: Adjustable mini casual dining table; Modular sofa with high left and low right arm and fawn cushions; Modular left-hand combination sofa chair including fawn cushions; 2x casual dining stools including fawn cushion.

Dimensions: Requires 230 x 230cm floor space.


Oatmeal Weave Sets


Cuckfield Lounger

Read a good book, sip a drink or lie back for an afternoon snooze or simply sit with this enticing lounger set. With adjustable back support, comfortable cushioning and an easy-to-reach table, it offers all you need for relaxing in the garden.*

Weave: Oatmeal

Seats: One

Includes: 1x lounger with fawn season-proof cushions; 1x High coffee table.

* (scatter cushions not included)

Dimensions: Requires 130 x 210cm floor space.


Pembury Double Cocoon Chair

A quirky and comfortable modern take on the garden swing seat that is designed for two, but is equally cosy for one. With its stylish shape and soft cushions, the double cocoon is an enticing place to relax. A sturdy piece, it is also lightweight enough to be moved around.*

Weave: Oatmeal

Seats: One or two

Includes: 1x Double cocoon including fawn season proof cushions.*

* (scatter cushions not included)

Dimensions: Length 132cm x Width 118cm x Height 195cm

Tunbridge Reclining Set

An elegant table for two. Complements almost any garden setting, with its neat proportions and durable, lightweight weave.*

Weave: Oatmeal

Seats: Two

Includes: 2x reclining sofa chairs including fawn cushions; 2x reclining footstools; High coffee table *(scatter cushions not included)

Dimensions: Requires 130 x 200cm floor space.

York Sofa Set

Ideal for small-scale entertaining and cosy moments in your garden. A classically attractive sofa set with comfortable cushioning.*

Weave: Oatmeal

Seats: Four

Includes: Two-seater sofa; 2x armchairs & cushions; 1x coffee table.

*(scatter cushions not included)

Dimensions: Requires 180 x 320cm floor space.

Litchfield Dining Set

An attractive round table set with a classic shape. A great set for stylish gatherings.

Weave: Oatmeal

Seats: Six

Includes: 1x 140cm Table; 6 x chairs and season-proof cushions; 60cm Lazy Susan; 3 metre UV50 parasol and granite base

Dimensions: 175 x 120cm elliptical table. Requires 320 x 370cm floor space.

Salisbury Dining Set

The Salisbury dining set is a real standout piece, perfect for entertaining in your garden. The elegant design includes a smart, glass-topped table and sturdy parasol.

Weave: Oatmeal

Seats: Eight

Includes: 220x145cm table; 60cm Lazy Susan; 2x Reclining sofa chairs with fawn season-proof cushions; 6x high back dining armchairs with fawn season-proof cushions; Brushed aluminium crank handle UV50 parasol; Granite round parasol base.

Dimensions: Length 220cm  x  Width 145cm x Height 74cm

Canterbury Modular Dining Set

A stylish and innovative modular furniture set. Can be configured to the left or right to suit the space in your garden*

Weave: Oatmeal

Seats: Eight (using sofa, stools and chair)

Includes: Modular sofa with high right and low left arm with fawn cushions; Modular sofa with low right and no left arm with fawn cushions; Casual dining table; 1x sofa chair with fawn cushions; 2x casual dining stools with fawn cushion

* (scatter cushions not included)

Dimensions: Requires 265 x 360cm floor space.

Milford Modular Dining Set

This modular sofa set provides a fantastic mix of style and comfort – perfect whether you are having a laid-back brunch or a more formal lunch. Completed with a pair of dining benches, which offer a neat and chic space-saving solution, this is an attractive and versatile furniture set.*

Weave: Oatmeal

Seats: Eight (based on four seated on dining benches)

Includes: Square adjustable dining table; Modular left-hand sofa, Modular right-hand sofa and Modular curved corner with fawn season-proof cushions; 2x Casual dining benches with fawn season-proof cushions.

* (scatter cushions not included)

Dimensions: Requires 300 x 300cm floor space.

Bristol Rectangular Dining Set

A beautiful blend of wood and weave for a real ‘wow’ factor. This rectangular table set creates a special outdoor dining experience with the solid teak finish table and contemporary armchair designs for chic comfort.

Weave: Oatmeal

Seats: Eight

Includes: 1x 240cm Rectangular table; 8x Chairs with cushions.

Dimensions: Requires 300 x 440cm floor space.

Salisbury Cushion Box (Small or Large)

A smart and stylish storage solution for all your cushions, plus a handy hideaway for toys and garden games.

Weave: Oatmeal

Seats: n/a

Includes: Cushion box; cushion box liner


Small: 162cm x 89cm x 78cm

Large: 190cm x 100cm x 86cm


Dove Grey Weave Sets


Highclere Reclining Set

A fantastic set for a well-earned rest in the garden, with a touch of luxury added through the footstools. Angled seats for added comfort, with attractive stainless steel feet. Includes wipeable season-proof charcoal cushions with removable covers.*

Weave: Dove grey

Seats: Two

Includes: 2x reclining sofa chairs with charcoal season-proof cushions; 2x recliner footstools with charcoal season-proof cushions; 1x High coffee table.*

* (scatter cushions not included)

Dimensions: Length 45cm x Width 62cm x Height 47cm

Fernhurst Modular Dining Set

This incredibly stylish modular set gives an informal twist to indulgent dining. Striking design, plush padding and a sleek ceramic-topped table make it the right set for a chic but cosy gathering, with extra seating for any unexpected guests.*

Weave: Dove grey

Seats: Ten (with four on dining benches)

Includes: 1x Square casual dining table with ceramic top; 1x Modular left-hand sofa, 1x Modular Right-hand Sofa and 1x Modular Curved corner with charcoal season-proof cushions; 2x Casual dining Benches with charcoal season-proof cushions.*

* (scatter cushions not included)

Dimensions: Requires 268 x 263cm floor space.