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We have been waiting patiently (or, impatiently) for the weather to warm and for the new year in the garden to properly begin. There may still be the risk of a late frost lurking, but March is the month when garden activity really starts hotting up!

Read our guide to March gardening jobs to find out what to do now, what to plant this month and helpful gardening tips from our Hillier experts to keep your garden at its best.

What to Enjoy Now

Magnificent Magnolias

Gardening is as much about appreciating the beautiful now as planning and planting for the future. Enjoy these plants in your garden and home this month:

Flowering Now

Fantastic Foliage and Architectural Stems

What to Plant Now

March is as much about preparation as planting in the flower and vegetable garden. There are a number of things you can plant this month though, as long as the soil is workable.

What to Plant for Instant Impact

What to Plant for Future Interest

Hillier Tip: Both 9cm and 1litre herbaceous plants are a cost-effective way to add summer colour to your garden

Grow Your Own

Spring is here and the garden is bursting into life! It’s time to get outside and make the most of the coming year. Read more about growing this month in our March guide to Grow Your Own.

Sow Indoors

Sow Outdoors

Harvest Now

Hillier tip: See the planting and harvesting times for many of our most loved vegetable and salad plants in our Seed Sowing Calendar.

What to Do in the Garden

As the weather warms (though with the ever-present risk of a late frost), there are more and more enjoyable jobs to do in the garden in March.

Hillier Tip: The creation of a vibrant, flowering garden is all in the preparation. Mulching properly now will stop weeds coming through and continue to feed and maintain moisture in the soil during dry spells, meaning you can sit back and enjoy it in the summer.

Plants to Prune

Plants to Move

Plants to Protect

Lawncare & Gardencare

Hillier tip: For your first cut of the lawn, set the blades higher than usual. You want to be gentle to protect the roots of the grass, which will be soft and delicate after winter. Read more in our guide to a perfect lawn

Birds and Wildlife

Spring is the key breeding season for birds, which means a change in their care and food needs. Migratory birds will be arriving back and will need feeds that are high in protein and essential oils to refuel their bodies after the long flight.

Monthly Tool Checklist

Some of the essential garden tools and products we recommend to have ready in your shed.

For growing potatoes:

For sowing indoors:

For sowing outdoors:

For pruning:

For lawncare:

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