Hebe ‘Dark Secret’

As part of the Hillier competition that we ran last year to give an inspirational name to this new Hebe, the wonderful name ‘Dark Secret’ was selected after being submitted by one of our amazing Gardening Club members. It is a fantastic title to highlight its dark winter foliage and wonderful bloom. We would like to thank everyone who entered and congratulate our amazing winner!

New and Exclusive to Hillier

Hebe ‘Dark Secret’ is a beautiful shrub that has all round appeal and interest. During the winter months, the plants dark coloured foliage and stems make an impact and attract the eye, continuing to lighten in colour as the weather warms up. A mass of delightful dark purple flowers form a stunning display in summer and attract bees to your garden. Foliage will remain all year and it will require protection from extended periods of frost. Hebe ‘Dark Secret’ will remain exclusive to Hillier for the duration of the following year and will be available in all Hillier Garden Centres. Find your nearest Hillier Garden Centre here.

Hebe ‘Dark Secret’ Factfile

Hebe 'Dark Secret' in a pot
Flowering TimeSummer
Sun RequirementsFull sun
SoilWell drained soil
HardinessFully hardy
SizeGrows to a 60cm x 60cm spread

Growing Guide

Hebe 'Dark Secret'


Plant in the spring months (April-May are best)

Ensure that you plant with a 90cm perimeter of space

‘Dark Secret’ works best in a raised bed to ensure they they have good drainage for the soil

If you wish to plant Hebe ‘Dark Secret’ in containers, be certain to choose a pot that has large drainage holes and incorporate coarse grit to improve flow of moisture. Plant at the same level as when purchased

Water frequently and generously when you first plant your ‘Dark Secret’ and increase quantity during the warmer weather

Pruning Guide

Hebe 'Dark Secret'

Hebe in general require very little pruning and will usually grow in their own arranged shape

Trim lightly with shears during spring to remove the old flower heads and maintain a rounded shape

Avoid hard pruning your ‘Dark Secret’ as it may fail to grow to its best

Hebe ‘Dark Secret’ is now available to purchase in all Hillier Garden Centres – find your local Hillier Garden Centre here.