Euonymus alatus is a large spreading deciduous shrub known for its florescent autumn foliage and ornamental berries. In late to early spring a surplus of tiny tea-green flowers appear before being replaced by plum-red fruits that mature during autumn. They then will split open to form four winged lobes with orange seeds as bright as flames. The foliage of curved green leaves erupts into eye catching vivid shades of scarlet and crimson.

This plant adds a spectacular splash of colour in the autumn and provides a dense multi stemmed point of interest in the winter months. The stems feature ribbed wings that produce an architectural effect and make them the perfect addition to any shrub border or informal hedge.

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Fact File

Sun requirements: Full sun to partial shade
Soil: Moist but well drained & any pH
Hardiness: Hardy
Size: Can grow to 250cm height x 250cm width

Growing Guide


For the best autumn colour, plant Euonymus alatus in moist but well drained soil in full sun. Whilst it can be grown in full shade the best autumn colour displays occur in full sun. Autumn prior to the frost is ideal for planting as flowers and fruits will appear in summer. It is perfect for growing in a mixed border or front garden where its beauty can be fully admired. Mulch annually with well rotted manure or compost. Euonymus alatus is particularly striking against a background of evergreens as they provide a cheerful colour contrast.


Watering Euonymus alatus requires attention to its needs. Newly planted shrubs need regular deep watering to establish their root systems. Then once established this drought tolerant plant can withstand periods of dry soil. Ensure not to overwater as this can lead to it being water logged sometimes resulting in root rot.


Prune out damaged, dead or crossing branches in late winter. To keep size under control prune to the preferred size in late March just before flowering starts. Cuttings should ideally be taken between August and September after the majority of fruits have fallen.

Complementary Planting Ideas

The Euonymus alatus offers diverse planting opportunities, which can be either a vibrant autumn display with other companion plants or as a stand alone shrub in your garden. Its fiery red foliage in the autumn will be a focal point. Alternatively you could also create an eye catching hedge or border which includes Euonymus alatus shrubs. You can also plant in with spring bulbs or perennial flowers to provide a striking contrast in both colour and texture.

Be aware that Euonymus alatus is toxic to dogs, cats and horses as well as causing severe discomfort to humans if ingested.


This shrub is not only known for it’s autumnal colours but also for it’s unique corky ridges on it’s stems. This feature makes the Euonymus alatus a fascinating addition to any garden and because of this has inherited the common name ‘winged Euonymus’.

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