image: Christmas trees growing across one of the UK farms of specialist Christmas grower Needlefresh – fresh from the field!

A real, cut Christmas tree offers you the full traditional experience at Christmas time: the excitement of selecting your very own live tree to take home and decorate. Choosing a cut Christmas tree really provides all the nostalgia and seasonal atmosphere you could hope for.

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Cut Christmas Tree Varieties

Our Christmas tree forests include a great range of classic cut tree varieties, ideal for indoor use, or pot-grown trees for continued or outdoor use.

Cut Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana)

Sizes from 4ft – 10ft | Also available as a pot grown Christmas tree

As one of the UK’s most popular real Christmas trees, the Nordmann Fir has dark-green, glossy foliage with a brilliant even form. The branches are very strong and are spectacularly tiered, so you can really creatively display a wonderful array of Christmas decorations. The Nordmann Fir is a great choice of Christmas tree for a family home as it has soft needles that have fantastic retention, making it the ideal tree for a house that has children or dogs.

Cut Slim Nordmann Fir

Sizes from 6ft – 7ft

The Slim Nordmann Fir is the best of both worlds if you have a smaller space to fit it in. It will still provide you with the wonderful stature of an ordinary Nordmann Fir, but with a narrower width. After being lovingly pruned by specialists to produce a slimmer profile, the Slim Nordmann Fir can be slotted into your home and provide you with the full effect of a standard-sized Christmas tree.

Cut Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri)

Sizes from 6ft – 7ft | Also available as a pot grown Christmas tree

The Fraser Fir brings with it the wonderful scent of a Christmas tree as it has balsam-fragranced greenery and dense, sturdy branches – ideal for heavier decorations. Needles are retained easily, meaning there is very little mess and they are a wonderful silver-green colour. The slim, conical form of the Fraser Fir makes it suitable for rooms of all shapes and sizes.

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Pot Grown Trees

Cut trees have traditionally been the more popular Christmas tree choice. In recent years though, we have seen a growing interest in pot grown trees. These are often chosen as a second tree, given a prominent spot by the front door or home. After Christmas, they can either be re-potted and used for future Christmases or planted out in the garden.

Explore our range of pot grown Christmas trees here.

How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

Whatever size and style of tree you opt for, follow our tips and choose the perfect one for you:

  • Check the tree thoroughly before purchasing. Don’t buy a tree that is already wrapped
  • Know the height and width of the space you will put it in. Many people are conscious of height but less aware of the available width. Don’t forget to allow room for your tree topper!
  • Look for nicely layered branches without damage (not that you will find damaged branches on a Hillier tree!)
  • Glossy colour indicates the tree has not dried out

Download our guide to choosing your Christmas tree >>

Find out more about how to pick the perfect Christmas tree for you with David Domoney!

“Beautiful tree, thick and lush. Very happy with it” – Gardening Club member feedback

The Story of Our Christmas Trees

Would you like to know more about where our Christmas trees come from and how they are grown? Read the story of our Christmas trees – a decade in the making.

Needlefresh have been our supplier for Christmas Trees for many years. After being founded by a group of growers passionate about growing high quality Christmas trees and supplying them directly from the field! In fact they’re so passionate about quality that they keep a record of every single tree that they supply to us, this means you can see exactly where your tree grew and what date it was planted. Each tree is given a code which is supplied on a label attached to the tree, this code when entered into their website will then show the trees origin.

Caring for your Home Grown Christmas Tree at Home

As with all living things, you need to give your tree a little love at home to keep it at its best.

Essential tips

  • Water your tree regularly
  • Keep your tree away from open flames and heat sources
  • Placing your tree in a corner keeps it safer from knocks and bumps
  • Place the tree close to an electric socket if you are using lights as part of your decorations
  • Cover the floor or table where the tree will be placed to help protect from water spillages
  • Wear gardening gloves when handling your tree. Some sensitive skins can get a mild allergic reaction or rash.

Caring for Cut Trees

Cut trees will naturally lose a few needles, but some simple steps should stop them losing too many.

  • When you first get your Christmas tree home, keep it outside in a sheltered area, preferably standing in water, until you are ready to bring it indoors
  • Prepare the base of your tree using a handsaw. Cut about half an inch to an inch (1.3-2.5cm) off the bottom to aid water absorption
  • Keeping your tree outside in water for as long as possible before bringing in to decorate will help reduce drooping and needle drop
  • In your home, place your tree in a container of water that is regularly replenished. You can buy special tree stands which provide watering space

Once Christmas is over, don’t forget to check the dates for the Christmas tree recycling scheme from your local council (if they offer one).

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