Garden with Ease with STIHL Premium Power Tools

A range of STIHL’s premium garden power tools is available to buy in selected Hillier Garden Centres, including both battery-powered and electric tools, to help you maintain your garden with ease. STIHL was founded in Germany over 90 years ago by Andreas Stihl, a man with a vision to make life easier for the people who use his tools. Still owned by the Stihl family, the idea that STIHL tools should make your life easier is still at the forefront of their research and development. All STIHL tools available at Hillier Garden Centres have undergone rigorous testing to deliver optimum performance in your garden. The cordless range is designed to be quiet, lightweight and perfectly balanced, while the electric machines provide a great value option for those with smaller gardens.
Pruning and Trimming Image: HSE 52 electric hedge trimmer STIHL’s range of cordless and electric hedge trimmers and shears allow you to easily keep your shrubs, hedges and ornamental trees in great shape, whatever size your garden. HSA 45 battery hedge trimmer The HSA 45 is an extremely light, cordless hedge trimmer, which is ideal for trimming shrubs in smaller gardens. You can trim up to 80m2 of hedges on one charge with the built-in battery. HSA 56 battery hedge trimmer The HSA 56 is a lightweight and quiet cordless hedge trimmer featuring double sided blades with droplet-shaped teeth to guide the hedge material towards the cutters and give a neat and tidy finish. With a run time of up to 50 minutes using the recommended battery, this is a great tool for medium-sized gardens as you can trim up to 175m2 of hedges on one charge. HSE 52 electric hedge trimmer Image featured above The HSE 52 electric hedge trimmer is very light with low vibration and gives you a neat finish on hedges, thanks to the high blade speed. With a 10m cable as standard and a handy cable strain relief feature, you can use this trimmer easily around your garden. HSA 25 battery shrub shears Used in the making of Hillier’s award-winning 2018 floral exhibit at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the HSA 25 comes in a sturdy carry case with shrub and grass trimmer attachments, plus the battery and charger. It’s perfect for trimming ornamental trees, with a run time of up to 110 minutes on one charge. You can also buy an additional telescopic shaft so you can use the grass trimmer attachment without having to bend down.
Lawncare Tools Image: FSA 45 battery grass trimmer Keep your lawn in top condition with STIHL’s grass trimmers, lawnmower and powerful leaf blowers. FSA 45 battery grass trimmer With the FSA 45 cordless grass trimmer, you can trim up to 250m of lawn edges on a single charge of the built-in battery. You can also easily adjust the handle, the angle of the mowing head and the length of the shaft without tools. FSA 56 battery grass trimmer This cordless grass trimmer delivers a high mowing performance so that you can trim up to 625m of lawn edges on one battery charge. With an extendable shaft and movable handle, you can easily adjust the tool to suit you, plus you can automatically extend the mowing line by simply tapping the mowing head on the ground. FSE 52 electric grass trimmer This great value electric grass trimmer is lightweight and easy to control using the loop handle, which can be easily adjusted without tools. The mowing head can also be pivoted easily to convert it into an edge cutter. BGA 45 battery blower The power of the integrated Lithium-Ion battery on the BGA 45 cordless blower means that you can clear up to 200 m2 of dry leaves on one charge. It is easy to manoeuvre and is the ideal tool for clearing smaller gardens. BGA 56 battery blower The STIHL BGA 56 is a well-balanced, lightweight but powerful cordless blower, which will make light work of clearing leaves and debris from your garden, patio or driveway. Using the recommended AK 20 battery means that you can clear up to 760m2 of dry leaves from hard ground. RMA 235 battery lawn mower This award-winning lawn mower is perfect for small gardens – easy to use, quiet and manoeuvrable, it also has an automatic eco mode to maximise the battery life. With a cutting width of 33cm, one charge of the recommended AK 20 battery will allow you to cut up to 250 m2 of grass.
Chainsaws Image: MSA 120 C-BQ battery chainsaw MSA 120 C-BQ battery chainsaw For the gardener who also has a wood store to fill, the MSA 120 C-BQ cordless chainsaw is lightweight, quiet and has low vibrations – ideal for cutting firewood and general garden maintenance. The battery runs for around 40 minutes, or enough time to make around 120 cuts through 10cm logs. You’ll fill the wood store in no time!
Other Useful Tools Image: RE98 pressure washer RE 98 pressure washer The RE 98 pressure washer is the perfect design for cleaning jobs around the house and garden, with a durable and quiet induction motor. You can also get the RA 82 surface cleaner in store, which can be attached to the RE 98 for simple, splash-free cleaning of surfaces such as patios and driveways. SHE 71 electric vacuum shredder This electric vacuum shredder is great for small gardens where you have easy access to a power socket and, as it’s low noise, it is perfect for use in residential areas too. It’s also flexible – you can clear leaves easily with the blower function, or collect and shred them into the catcher bag, so you can even make your own leaf mould.   Look out for all these quality STIHL tools in selected Hillier Garden Centres on your next visit.
  All STIHL tools are subject to availability, which may vary by garden centre. Contact your nearest Hillier Garden Centre for more information."