From protecting you from the pain of prickly thorns to keeping your hands dirt-free, gardening gloves are one of the basic essentials in any gardener’s shed. With such a great variety of sizes, styles, thickness and materials on the market, you can now select the right gardening gloves for your needs.

In our guide to gardening gloves, we highlight a selection of the best. Find them at your nearest Hillier Garden Centre.

Gardening Glove for Tough Jobs and Flexibility

Manufacturer: Gold Leaf Gloves

Gardening Glove: Tough Touch

This glove offers a high level of protection against thorns and other sharp garden items at the same time as feeling soft to wear and retaining great dexterity. Comfortable and warm in colder conditions, water resistant and with an extended cuff for extra wrist and forearm protection, this is a superb gardening glove.

Gardening Glove for Wet Conditions

Manufacturer: Gold Leaf Gloves

Gardening Glove: Dry Touch

This glove is suitable for a variety of gardening purposes, such as potting, weeding and light pruning and in particular is ideal for use in slightly wetter conditions. This is a comfortable and durable glove constructed using a soft, pliable grain leather, giving a high level of dexterity.

Gardening Glove for All-Round Excellence

Manufacturer: Globus

Gardening Glove: Showa370 Gardening Gloves

Showa 370 Gardening Gloves are light, elastic gloves that are designed to keep their shape for longer. Their effective, long-lasting grip protects hands from dirt, or all other manner of substances you may come into contact with. The breathable nylon lining makes them comfortable to wear.

Gardening Glove for Extra Protection

Manufacturer: Globus

Gardening Glove: Showa 380 Gardening Gloves

With a Nitrile foam palm and great grip this glove is perfect for delicate, wet and messy tasks. Designed for easy movement and continuous wear, the surface of the glove encourages grease removal.

Gardening Glove for Children

Manufacturer: Globus

Gardening Glove: Buds Children’s Gloves

These comfortably designed gloves are perfect for protecting children’s hands, allowing them to safely help out with fun jobs around the garden.

Gardening Glove for Exceptional Grip

Manufacturer: Smart Gloves

Gardening Glove: Comfi Grips

A stylish and versatile ladies’ glove for a wide variety of light garden tasks such as weeding and pruning. Water-resistant and comfort fit with a foam latex coating giving exceptional grip make these a great value choice.

Gardening Glove for Day to Day Gardening

Manufacturer: Smart Gloves

Gardening Glove: Multi Grip All Rounders

A fantastic glove suitable for all your gardening tasks. Waved latex coating giving Hi- grip, water resistant, with a soft polyester liner for comfort fit. This is the go-to glove for all of your day to day garden jobs.

Gardening Glove for Every Season

Manufacturer: Smart Gloves

Gardening Glove: All Seasons

The ideal, light weight, multi-task gardening glove, whatever the season. Designed for maximum dexterity with a stretch cuff to keep dirt out and a natural rubber latex coating for enhanced Hi-Grip.