Guide to the Best Gardening Gloves

From protecting you from the pain of prickly thorns to keeping your hands dirt-free, gardening gloves are one of the basic essentials in any gardener's shed. With such a great variety of sizes, styles, thickness and materials on the market, you can now select the right gardening gloves for your needs. 

In our guide to gardening gloves, we highlight a selection of the best. Find them at your nearest Hillier Garden Centre.  

Gardening Gloves for All Round Great Value

Manufacturer: Smart Garden Products

Gardening Gloves: Jersey Triple Pack Gardening Gloves

For all your light day to day gardening tasks, from weeding to pruning, a simple pair of jersey gloves are ideal. For great value – and to make sure there are enough pairs of gloves for all helping hands – the Smart Garden Jersey Triple Pack is a good option.

Gardening Gloves for Colder Weather

Manufacturer: Smart Garden Products

Gardening Gloves: Warm All Seasons Gardening Gloves

Cold weather doesn’t mean an end to time in the garden, but it does call for tailored tools. These Warm All Seasons Gardening Gloves are designed for general gardening tasks during colder months. They have a cosy, knitted cotton liner combined with a latex cover on the palm and fingers for the necessary dexterity, finger protection and grip. Available in a selection of shades.

Gardening Gloves for Smaller Hands 

Manufacturer: Smart Garden Products

Gardening Gloves: Lady Gardener Gardening Gloves

These best-selling gloves are made from soft, hard-wearing fabric and have an adjustable Velcro wrist strap, making them a better fit for smaller hands and wrists. The stretch mesh fabric between the fingers improves dexterity and the modern material won’t stiffen after drying. Ideal for general gardening jobs.

Gardening Gloves for Extra Protection

Manufacturer: Smart Garden Products

Gardening Gloves: The Professional Gardening Gloves

The Professional Gardening Gloves are fantastic all-round gloves. Durable and comfortable, their high-quality leather construction means you can be dextrous with smaller tasks, while the reinforced palms offer improved protection for tougher tasks, such as handling rough branches and plants. 

Gardening Gloves for All-Round Excellence

Manufacturer: Showa

Gardening Gloves: 370 Gardening Gloves

Showa 370 Gardening Gloves are light, elastic gloves that are designed to keep their shape for longer. Their effective, long-lasting grip protects hands from dirt, or all other manner of substances you may come into contact with. The breathable nylon lining makes them comfortable to wear.

Gardening Gloves for Every Type of Task

Manufacturer: Smart Garden Products

Gardening Gloves: Gardening Gloves Triple Pack. Includes Rigger, PVC Coated and Cotton gloves.

Make sure you are equipped for every sort of gardening task with this great value triple pack. Rigger gloves are traditional, tough and durable gardening gloves for heavy-duty tasks. PVC Coated gloves are thick, with a waterproof coating. The cotton gloves are great all-round gloves, elasticated for better fit and to ensure no dirt can enter via the cuff.

Gardening Gloves for Freezing Conditions

Manufacturer: Globus

Gardening Gloves: Argon Thermal Gardening Gloves

When frosts arrive, time in the garden significantly reduces. But, if you wrap up warm, it is still possible to make time for some smaller tasks. Argon Thermal Gardening Gloves will remain flexible to –50ºC offering a secure grip in wet and dry environments. Along with their amazing insulating properties, they still have excellent dexterity, flexibility and durability.