Finding frost on your grass throughout the winter is usual, but do you know the best way to help your lawn during the colder temperatures?

Mowing your lawn during frosty months can be nerve wracking. It’s important to find the ideal weather to ensure you do not damage your grass or equipment.

Can you cut grass before a frost?

Keep an eye on the weather forecast, as you should not mow your lawn if frost is predicted within the next 1-2 days. This can stunt the growth of the grass and damage the blades, ultimately meaning that your lawn will not recover from its mowing. Your lawn may become weaker and can in certain cases cause grass disease. Keeping it longer and healthier when freezing temperatures are expected should limit the impact that the cold weather has on it.

Can you cut grass after a frost?

You should give your grass some time after a frost before you decide to cut it. The frost should be fully thawed with the temperature having increased slightly. Avoid treading on your lawn before the frost has disappeared as this can also lead to damage to the blades.

Hillier top tip: If freezing temperatures are expected, water your lawn the night before. This can help protect the it from cold weather damage.

Can new grass seed survive a frost?

Surprisingly the frost can actually benefit your grass seed as it creates a protective layer. This is only if your grass seeds have yet to germinate. If your grass seeds have germinated the conditions risk destroying any new seedlings you may have. Therefore it is still a good idea to avoid planting the seeds until the risk of frost is over.

Does grass grow after a frost?

If your grass is fully mature before a frost arrives then you should notice that it springs back pretty well afterwards. It may take until the weather has warmed up but your grass should be looking green again once it does.

As seedlings are slightly more vulnerable you may choose to cover them when you know there will be a frost.

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