Plant Profile | Corydalis 'Porcelain Blue'

Corydalis 'Porcelain Blue'

Corydalis ‘Porcelain Blue’ was developed by Hillier Nurseries and made its global debut on our RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 garden, where it made a big impression. 

The most striking feature of this Corydalis is its vivid blue colouring. It is also a surprisingly robust garden plant, despite its delicate appearance. It produces flowers for the majority of the year, typically only falling dormant in late winter. It has a sweet honey-like scent, attractive, soft blue-green foliage and bears flowering stems of a delicate light-to-mid blue. This Corydalis thrives in a number of situations, from full sun to partial shade, and sits perfectly in beds and borders. It will tolerate most soil types, although doesn't like particularly wet or dry soil. 

In late 2020, it received a prestigious Glass Tulip award, held in The Netherlands, for Best Garden Plant.

Corydalis 'Porcelain Blue' Factfile

Flowering time: April to October

Sun Requirements: Full sun to partial shade

Soil: Any soil type, although it does not like particularly wet or dry soil

Hardiness: Hardy 

Size: Grows to approx. 30cm height x 30cm spread

Corydalis 'Porcelain Blue' Growing Guide


Position a sunny or partially shaded spot in beds, borders or in a container.


Water regularly, being conscious that it will not enjoy being waterlogged or in excessively dry conditions.

Corydalis 'Porcelain Blue' Planting Ideas

This would work beautifully in a border full of blue-flower accents, like Agapanthus 'Brilliant Blue', Pulmonaria 'Blue Ensign' and Salvia 'Crystal Blue'.

It can also make a beautiful feature plant for a container; position on a patio and enjoy the delightfully sweet aroma.  

Corydalis 'Porcelain Blue' Fact

Corydalis is a genus that includes about 370 different species of annual and perennial, with the majority of these originating from Asia and the Himalayas.