Cordyline ‘Pink Star’ is a tough evergreen shrub, particularly in comparison with other pink cordyline varieties. Bred by Grzegorz Tuszyński, C. ‘Pink Star’ is a sport of C. ‘Red Star’ produced to give a striking colour that does not bleach or fade in the sun. It also has improved over-winter performance and disease resistance.

Its vivid pink leaves give a bold, almost tropical look. This is a perfect plant for a container, creating dramatic interest through the height and standout colour. Position a pair either side of your front door to transform this space, or place on a patio or terrace. This is a low-maintenance plant that is proven to be quite resistant to diseases such as leaf spot, which can affect the genus, and is drought tolerant. Introduced to the UK market by Hillier Nurseries.

Cordyline ‘Pink Star’ Factfile

Sun: Full sun to partial shade

Soil: Any moist, free-draining

Size: Grows to 80-100cm height x 80cm spread

Recommended for:  Containers, doorsteps, front gardens