Convolvulus cneorum | Silverbush

This stunning plant is a Mediterranean native, but also does really well in the UK given the right planting situation.

Sometimes called Silverbush, this evergreen shrubs offers beautiful soft, silvery foliage all year around. This perfectly sets off pink buds that open to white trumpet-shaped flowers with a yellow throat in spring. Its pollen-filled flowers are fantastic for attracting bees.

Convolvulus cneorum Factfile

Flowering time: May to July

Sun Requirements: Full sun, ideally in a south or west-facing aspect

Soil: Well-drained soil

Hardiness: Hardy to -10 °C

Size: Grows to approx. 60cm height x 60cm spread

Convolvulus cneorum Growing Guide


Position in a sunny spot and plant in well-drained soil.


Convolvulus cneorum will grow slowly to a mound of about 60cm, but keep it to around 30-40cm with a hard prune in the summer after flowering and it will remain beautifully compact and bushy.

Planting Ideas

This is a perfect plant for a rockery or alpine garden, or it is equally at home alongside lavenders, roses and perennials.


Has the RHS Award of Garden Merit, which is given to plants that perform reliably in gardens