Famed for their showy yet delicate heads of beautiful flower, hydrangeas are one of the most popular shrubs, a real nation’s favourite! With all the attributes of its fellow hydrangeas, H. ‘Gold Rush’ also has distinctive velvety textured gold foliage with striking lavender blue flowers, surrounded by distinctive white florets on its edges.

A spectrum of colour

The new growth of H. ‘Gold Rush’ that emerges in spring is truly unique. It initially displays shades of gold and flame orange, which then mature to a rich golden yellow before turning green in the height of summer. Its late summer flowers are large lavender blue/mauve with white ray florets.

Growing tips

H. ‘Gold Rush’ is ideal for shrub borders and can be the perfect addition to containers or balcony displays. It grows easily in all but chalky soils but thrives best in moist, well drained acidic soil. It also prefers a sheltered spot provided by neighbouring trees, shrubs or buildings to ensure it has the best foliage colour. It responds well to pruning in winter, which also makes it manageable for small spaces or in ornamental containers. H. ‘Gold Rush’ is a medium sized deciduous shrub that can reach between 1.5 and 2.5 metres in height, with the same measurements for its spread when matured. However, the aforementioned pruning can be a great way of containing it for smaller container displays.