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Westland Hydrangea High Performance Liquid Plant Food 1L 5023377011153

Westland Hydrangea High Performance Liquid Plant Food 1L

EAN: 5023377011153


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Product Details

Introducing Westland Hydrangea High Performance Liquid Plant Food, a bespoke feed designed to cater specifically to the needs of hydrangeas. This nutrient-rich formula is crafted to provide all the vital elements essential for the flourishing of these beloved flowers.

Whether your hydrangeas grace containers or are nestled within the earth, regular weekly feeding is recommended. This regimen not only fosters robust growth but also bolsters the plants' defenses against diseases, ensuring a profusion of blooms that are vibrant and healthy.

Hydrangea High Performance Liquid Plant Food works its magic by fortifying plants from within, resulting in blooms that are notably larger and more abundant. With its enriched nitrogen content, it promotes lush, verdant foliage, while the moisture control booster aids in averting drought stress.

Furthermore, the inclusion of iron enhances nutrient accessibility across a spectrum of soil pH levels, guaranteeing optimal nourishment for your hydrangeas regardless of environmental conditions. With Westland Hydrangea High Performance Liquid Plant Food, expect nothing less than flourishing, radiant blooms that bring joy to any garden.

How to use

  • Shake well before use
  • Fill a watering can with 4.5L of water (1 gal)
  • Measure 30ml using the dosing cap
  • Mix the feed into the watering can.
  • Without wetting the foliage, apply around the plant until saturated



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