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Your January Garden

The New Year is here! It is still the heart of winter, but this is a perfect time to plan your garden for the spring ahead. There are a small number of seeds and plants that can be sown, both in the greenhouse and in the ground if frost allows. There is also plenty to enjoy on short strolls round the garden, including the arrival of the very first snowdrops.

Read our guide to January gardening jobs to find out what to do now, what to plant this month and helpful gardening tips from our Hillier experts to keep your garden at its best.

What to Enjoy Now

Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrops). Occasionally emerge as early as late December.

Gardening is as much about appreciating the beautiful now as planning and planting for the future. Enjoy these plants in your garden and home this month:

Flowering Now

Fantastic Foliage and Architectural Stems

Hillier tip: The bright white stems of Rubus cockburnianus look stunning planted with cyclamen or a black grass

Fruit and Berries


What to Plant Now

Brilliant winter stems: Cornus ‘Anny’s Winter Orange’

So long as the ground isn’t completely frozen, there are a number of winter shrubs that can be planted now – or, planted into pots. In fact, weather permitting, planting deciduous shrubs now gives the roots a chance to get started while the plants are mostly dormant.

What to Plant for Instant Impact

Hillier Tip: Cornus varieties with bright stems, such as Cornus ‘Anny’s Winter Orange’, look great when planted en masse. Try underplanting with the striking black grass Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’.   

What to Plant for Future Interest

Grow Your Own

If you have a heated greenhouse, there are a small number of vegetables that can be sown indoors in January.

Sow Indoors

Hillier tip: Sow chilli pepper seeds on a sunny windowsill to encourage earlier fruit. Don’t bring them outside until all risk of frost has passed.

Harvest Now

What to Do in the Garden

Cold weather may limit time in the garden this month, but there are still a few enjoyable jobs you can do if opportunity presents itself.

Plants to Prune

Plants to Move

Plants to Protect

Hillier tip: If horticultural fleece is left on for the whole of the winter, it will likely come undone in gales. It may be detrimental to the plant’s health if it soaks up rainwater, as the moist micro-climate created can encourage fungal growth

Lawncare & Gardencare

Hillier Tip: If you want to get ready for spring, clean pots and greenhouses this month.

Weather Readiness

Birds and Wildlife

In the winter months, it is important to offer extra food for birds and a fresh water supply:

Monthly Tool Checklist

Some of the essential garden tools and products we recommend to have ready in your shed.

For winter pruning:

For frost protection:

Get ready for spring!

Now is the ideal time to make sure your tools are cleaned, sharpened and oiled ready for the spring. Putting a new edge on secateurs, shears and even spades will give you a head start come March.