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Hillier Gift Vouchers: A Simple Solution for a Wanted Gift

We all have people in our lives it is difficult to find the right gift for. Maybe they are very particular about what they like, or they tell you they don’t want anything, or they already seem to have it all.

One simple, stress-free way to make sure you give a wanted gift is to choose a Hillier Gift Card. This way, the recipient can browse at their leisure at the nearest Hillier Garden Centre and use their gift vouchers. Whether they select a quality plant they can tend in their garden, a chic new gardening accessory or treat themselves to something from our range of luxury toiletries, you know they will love their choice.

Hillier Gift Cards can be purchased via our Hillier online shop or at the tills of all Hillier Garden Centres. You can select from a range of joyful festive or beautiful horticultural images.

To make your life even easier, Hillier Gift Cards can be loaded to any monetary value you like between £5 minimum and £500 maximum.

Visit our Hillier online shop, telephone 01794 368 944  or head to your local Hillier Garden Centre today to purchase.

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