Seed Sowing Calendar

If you are planning to grow and sow your own vegetables and flowers, part of success is knowing when to plant them. With hundreds of different types of seed available, it is no surprise the seed sowing calendar stretches across most of the year. Follow our handy guide to see the main planting – and harvesting – times for some of the best-known foods and flowers.

Growing your own vegetables is a satisfying and wallet-friendly way to eat with the seasons and ensure a nutritious plate. 

Our table below gives a rough overview of the planting times and harvest length of some of the best-loved vegetable and salad crops. Always read the instructions on the specific packet for the recommended times for the variety; this will also guide you on whether seeds should be sown indoors or can be planted directly outdoors.

Download a pdf of our vegetable seed sowing calendar

Many herbs – basil, chives, coriander, parsley, mustard – can be planted all year round. Others, like mint, chamomile and dill are best planted in the spring. 

Sow beds, borders, pots and containers with flower seeds and watch them burst into life as spring and summer unfold. 

Follow our calendar below for the sowing and flowering times of some of the most popular seeds.

Download a pdf of our flower seed sowing calendar

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Seed Sowing Calendar - Vegetables

Seed Sowing Calendar - Flowers