Bring On The Storm Cloud!

Geranium ‘Storm Cloud’ is a beautiful new plant for Hillier with vibrant semi double-deep blue and heavy-veining flowers. With a long flowering season that continues through the summer and elegant, deeply dissected dark foliage, this is a stunning and versatile plant that will work in containers and borders. A robust habit means it has superb disease resistance, while its elegant, deeply dissected dark foliage makes it a wonderful backdrop for its own flowers, as well as others that may be planted nearby. As a UK native species, it is a favourite in attracting bees and a fantastic resource of nectar-rich nutrition.

Geranium ‘Storm Cloud’ Factfile

Flowering TimeJune – October
Sun Requirements Full Sun
SoilFree draining
HardinessHardy to cold winter
SizeGrows to a 50cm x 45cm spread

Geranium ‘Storm Cloud’ Growing Guide

Floral decorated balcony


Plant in August for a larger spread.

Ensure that you plant with a 15cm perimeter of space.

Geranium ‘Storm Cloud’ works best in a raised bed or border but ensure that there is good drainage for the soil.

If you wish to plant Geranium ‘Storm Cloud’ in containers, be certain to choose a pot that has large drainage holes and plant at the same level as it was when purchased.

Geranium ‘Storm Cloud’ Pruning Guide

Cut near to ground level once flowers have faded to encourage fresh flowers next season.

Geranium ‘Storm Cloud’ History

Raised a seedling by Helen Warrington at Ty Cwym nursery in South Wales, this variety has been tested for 8 years to ensure it does what it should.  If a plant can resist mildew in the damp of Wales its pedigree can be assured! 

Geranium ‘Storm Cloud’ will be available to purchase in all Hillier Garden Centres from July – find your local Hillier Garden Centre here.

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