Stonecrop (genus Hylotelphium, previously called Sedum) is a versatile and visually stunning plant that has become a favourite amongst gardeners and landscapers alike. With its unique succulent foliage, vibrant flowers and low maintenance requirements this offers an array of benefits that make it a must have addition to any garden. In this article we explore the world of them and its various species as well as it’s required growing conditions, maintenance tips and landscaping ideas to help you create a vibrant and thriving garden.


Hylotelphium is a diverse genus of flowering plants belonging to the Crassulaceae family. There are over 400 species distributed across the globe and it exhibits a wide range of growth habits, from creeping ground covers to tall, upright varieties. The name “stonecrop” originates from the plant’s ability to thrive in rocky or poor soil conditions, thus making it an ideal choice for rock gardens and alpine plant areas.

Varieties and Colours of a Hylotelphium

One of the most captivating features of this is its striking colour variation. From the deep burgundy hues of Hylotelphium spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood’ to the bright yellow blooms of Hylotelphium acre ‘Golden Queen,’ there is a variety to suit every taste and landscape. Gardeners can choose from a palette of colours, including white, pink, red, orange and purple which will create visually appealing and dynamic garden displays throughout the seasons.

Hylotelphium Album white stonecrop
Hylotelphium Album white stonecrop

Flowering time: Summer, although colourful foliage all year round

Sun requirements: Full sun

Soil: Any good, well-drained soil

Hardiness: Fully hardy in most places in the UK

Size: Grows to 1m x 10cm

Hylotelphium rupestre 'Angelina'
Hylotelphium rupestre ‘Angelina’

Flowering time: Summer, although colourful foliage all year round

Sun requirements: Full sun to part shade

Soil: Any good, well-drained soil

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Size: Grows to 1m x 50cm

Hylotelphium 'Herbstfreude' (Autumn Joy)
Hylotelphium ‘Herbstfreude’ (Autumn Joy)

Flowering time: Summer – Autumn, although foliage throughout the year

Sun requirements: Full sun

Soil: Any good, well-drained soil

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Size: Grows to 50cm x 50cm

Environmental Conditions

Hylotelphium is renowned for its adaptability to various environmental conditions. While most species thrive in full sun, some can tolerate partial shade. These hardy plants are well-suited for dry, arid climates and are remarkably drought tolerant once established. They prefer well-draining soil but can grow in a wide range of soil types including sandy, loamy or rocky environments.

Low Maintenance Hylotelphium

For busy gardeners seeking low-maintenance options the Hylotelphium is a dream come true. Once established, these resilient plants require minimal care making them ideal for both beginner and expert gardeners. The succulent leaves store water, reducing the need for frequent watering. Occasional pruning and removal of dead flowers will encourage new growth and prolong the blooming season.


Hylotelphium’s versatility extends beyond its low-maintenance attributes and it also offers numerous landscaping possibilities. Use low growing species as a ground cover to control erosion on slopes or as a living mulch around taller plants. Upright varieties can be incorporated into borders, perennial beds or mixed plantings for added texture and colour contrast. Hylotelphium also looks stunning in containers adding an aesthetic appeal to patios and balconies.

Hylotelphium the Pollinator

Hylotelphium’s clusters of star shaped flowers are not just visually captivating but they also serve as a landmark for pollinators. Bees, butterflies, moths and other beneficial insects are attracted to Hylotelphium’s nectar-rich blooms which enhances biodiversity in your garden as well as supporting local ecosystems.


Even when the growing season ends Hylotelphium continues to add interest to your garden. Many varieties retain their dried flower heads and seed pods throughout the winter which still provides unique textures and structures that can withstand snow and frost.

Hylotelphium’s remarkable versatility, stunning colours and low-maintenance nature make it an indispensable addition to any garden or landscape. Whether you are a beginner gardener looking for easy to grow plants or a seasoned gardener seeking visual interest and pollinator support, Hylotelphium has something to offer everyone. With its ability to thrive in various growing conditions and add beauty to your garden throughout the year, Hylotelphium remains a true gem among flowering plants.

Embrace the allure of Hylotelphium and transform your garden into a vibrant and flourishing sanctuary.