New! Hillier Wild Bird Food Range

A new range of premium wild bird food from Hillier is available now at all Hillier Garden Centres. Developed in collaboration with Britain’s leading avian nutritionists, all Hillier wild bird feeds are manufactured in the UK, nutritionally balanced and specially formulated to attract a wide range of garden birds.

Feeding the birds in our gardens is a hugely popular pastime, bringing great joy and well-being listening to their song and watching them flit between trees, shrubs and other perches. Research indicates that the population size of many of our treasured garden bird species is sadly in decline. By feeding the wild birds in our gardens, we can help them to flourish. 

The natural diet of many bird species is varied, including insects, slugs, snails, spiders as well as berries, seeds and nuts. When we supplement this by putting out extra feed, it is important we ensure what we give them is good quality and of a high nutritional standard. With this in mind, Hillier has collaborated with leading avian nutritionists, Johnston & Jeff, in order to develop a top-quality range of Hillier wild bird feeds, available exclusively from Hillier Garden Centres.

A Like-Minded Partnership for Premium Nutrition

Johnston & Jeff, our partners in developing the Hillier wild bird food range, are a 5th generation family business, exactly as Hillier is. Founded in 1880, just 16 years after Hillier was established, they have more than 140 years’ experience creating the very best feeds for birds.

As leading avian nutritionists, Johnston & Jeff place quality as the foundation stone on which they are built. Birds only truly thrive on highly nutritious, clean, properly formulated food. Johnston & Jeff never include any cheap filler materials and only use top quality materials. All feeds are manufactured in Yorkshire, where quality control is paramount.  

Through this collaboration, you can be confident that Hillier wild bird feeds contain only the finest ingredients, rigorously considered and tested to make sure it has the highest palatability and the most beneficial impact for birds.

Our New Hillier Range for Year-Round Feeding

The new Hillier range of wild bird feeds include the best-loved feeds of a wide variety of birds, helping you support biodiversity. Research has shown that it is of benefit to feed garden birds all year around and our mix of seed blends, individual seed varieties and premium suet feeds allows you to offer the most valuable feed for the season.

Hillier Original Blend Seed Mix

This superb seed mix is suitable to offer all year around. It is nutritious and rich in calorific content. It is extremely palatable, which makes it enjoyable for all species of garden birds.

Good for: Year-round feeding of a wide variety of birds

Hillier Finest Blend Seed Mix

This high-energy seed blend has added suet, which makes this a fantastic high energy release option. This is a husk free seed blend, which means there will be little waste in the garden and the birds can get straight to the nutritious content.

Good for: A wide variety of birds

Hillier Sunflower Hearts

Sunflower hearts are enjoyed by all garden birds. They are husk free, so create minimal waste, and are high in calorific content and rich in essential oils. This is a particularly good choice when you are first starting out and getting to understand your local wild bird species and feeding habits.

Good for: Year-round feeding of a wide variety of birds

Hillier Peanuts

A wide range of garden birds enjoy peanuts and particularly smaller birds like robins, and different varieties of tit. Our peanut feed is rich in essential proteins and packed with nutritious goodness. 

Good for: A wide variety of birds, including robins and tits; a calorie boost through autumn and winter

Hillier Dried Mealworms

Packed full of protein and high in energy, dried mealworms make a perfect year-round treat for wild birds. 

Good for: Year-round feeding of a wide variety of birds; especially beneficial during the spring mating season

Hillier Calciworms

Calciworms are similar to dried mealworms but with even greater nutritional value, high in protein and an excellent source of calcium. Calcium is essential for wild birds to improve both bone and feather strength and aid egg production.

Good for: Year-round feeding of a wide variety of birds; especially beneficial during the spring mating season

Hillier Premium Suet

High in fat content, our superior suet balls will have garden birds coming back time and time again.

Good for: Year-round feeding of a wide variety of birds; especially beneficial in winter for additional calories

Find our new Hillier Wild Bird Food Range now at all Hillier Garden Centres