Grillstream Hybrid BBQs

Grillstream is a revolutionary hybrid barbecue range that gives the option to cook on gas, charcoal or both within the same barbecue. This means you get the convenience of gas together with the unique cooking quality of charcoal in one.

Introducing the Hybrid System


One of the benefits of a Hybrid system is that it gives you a perfect method for lighting your charcoal. There is no need for lighter fluid or paraffin cubes, which can affect the flavour of cooking. Simply light the gas burners and wait for 15 minutes, turn the gas off for 15 minutes and then the charcoal will have a white glow and be ready to cook on.


A Hybrid system allows for complete flexibility, meaning you can cook on all gas, all charcoal or any combination of the two. You could try a bit of indirect cooking by loading the two outer trays with charcoal and leaving the rest unlit - ideal if you’re roasting a larger piece of meat. Or, you could load a single tray with charcoal if you want to sear steaks while the rest of your barbecue is kept at a controlled temperature on the gas.


If you are wondering what happens to the ash from the charcoal after use; the Hybrid trays are specially shaped to hold the briquette ash together - long after they’re cool enough for you to remove and tip the ash away before they’re ready to be used again. The specially designed Grillstream system means ash is all that’s in there after cooking and none of the congealed fats and meat juices that can be troublesome on a traditional charcoal barbecue.

The Grillstream System

Grillstream barbecues are designed with a Grillstream system. This system uses unique double grills to ensure less fat, no flare-ups and more flavour when cooking. 

The simple science behind the double grills system is that the top grill streams away most of the fats and juices that would otherwise cause flare-ups. Anything that drips over the side of the top grill collects in the bottom grill, this is taken away in a channel and collected in a cup, meaning no more flare-ups caused by fat.

This makes cleaning a much more pleasant task too, as the system helps ensure all that’s left is ash, which can be easily removed through special Hybrid trays.

Key Grillstream Models

Compact 4 Burner Hybrid

The Grillstream 4 burner compact BBQ gives you greater cooking versatility and power in this efficiently sized gas model, which incorporates Grillstream's hybrid cooking system and is perfect for smaller outdoor spaces. 

Price: Grillstream Compact 4 Burner Gas BBQ with Hybrid Control £399

Elite 4 Burner WSB Hybrid

The Grillistream Elite 4 Burner range looks impressive with its stainless steel accents. It has a roomy cooking area to cater for a lot of food, plus the added benefit of the gastro system for switching cooking methods.

Price: Grillstream Elite 4 Burner Gas BBQ with Side Burner & Hybrid Control £499

Elite 6 Burner WSB Hybrid

In sleek stainless steel the Grillstream 6 burner Elite model stands out from the crowd. Featuring Grillstream, the hybrid system and the gastro system, you have the options to be as creative as you want to be on the barbecue.

Price: Grillstream Elite 6 Burner Gas BBQ with Side Burner & Hybrid Control £699

Deluxe 4 Burner Island Hybrid

Create the wow factor with your barbecue with the Grillstream Deluxe 4 Burner Island model. It features a rotisserie, integrated chopping board and ice bucket plus pull-out prep table, so you have everything you need in one space – allowing you to spend more time in the garden with your guests!

Price: Grillstream Deluxe 4 Burner Island Gas BBQ with Infrared Side Burner, Free Rotisserie & Hybrid Control £1099

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