Great Gifts for Teachers

Teachers do so much for our children, from patiently passing on knowledge to shaping their passions and offering constant support. As they head towards a well-deserved summer holiday, if you would like to give a little token of appreciation, you can find great gift ideas for teachers at all Hillier Garden Centres.

1. Gardening Gloves

If you know your teacher has green fingers, a quality pair of gardening gloves could make a well-received gift.

We have a wide range of gardening gloves at Hillier Garden Centres in a number of attractive styles, range of sizes and toughness.

2. Floral Inspired Beauty Products

Find a range of delightfully fragranced toiletries inspired by nature. The Heathcote & Ivory Sweet Pea & Honeysuckle range, for example, is a celebration of warm sunny days and the aromas of the Great British summertime – perfect for their summer break!

Price From £2.99 (based on fragrance sachets)

3. Hillier Planted Containers

We are pleased to now offer a special Hillier range of planted containers, which make a perfect gift. Each combination of container plus plants has been carefully selected and pre-planted by our Hillier plant experts and is exclusively available in our Garden Centres.

Price: From £29.99

4. Houseplants

Houseplants are fantastic living gifts to brighten up the home. From great value cacti and succulents, which are perfect for a modern home, to a range of orchid varieties, find a wide selection of houseplants and attractive pots at all Hillier Garden Centres.

5. Sweet Treats

From a box of luxury chocolates to bags of delicious British-made fudge, a little sweet treat will give a teacher something to enjoy during summer.

Fudge bags from £2.99

6. Attractive Stationery

Give some beautifully crafted stationery, like the award-winning Busy b range, so they can enjoy being organised in great style.

Prices from £5.99 (based on password book)

7. Crush Mugs

An attractive new mug is just the thing for your teacher while they enjoy a moment of simply sitting and savouring a hot cup of tea.

Prices from £6.49

8. Animal Door Stops

If you happen to know your teacher is also an animal lover, Dora Designs have created fun, stylish doorsteps with characters including Duncan Mouse, Hester Hedgehog and Majestic Maine Coon Cat (pictured).

Prices from £27.99 (based on Maine Coon Cat)

8. Hillier Gift Vouchers

Not 100% sure what to get? Opt for a Hillier Gift Card. That way, the recipient can browse at their leisure at their nearest Hillier Garden Centre and use their voucher on anything they like. Our gift vouchers can also be used in our Hillier Restaurants.

Buy Gift Vouchers from our online shop