Flopro Guide to Watering Your Garden

Everyone wants a beautiful green and lush garden, and as a keen gardener you know this takes lots of nurturing and patience.

One of the key elements of gardening is ensuring the garden is well-hydrated. With different types of plant, soil and conditions this is not a simple as blanket watering everything the same way. The experts at Flopro offer helpful advice in this guide to successful watering.

When to Water

During the sunny summer months, plants should be watered early in the morning to avoid evaporation loss during the day. On hot summer days, you may find you are watering morning and evening. Containers and hanging baskets dry out much more quickly than garden beds and borders, so if you only have a few minutes to devote to watering, it’s best to focus on these.

Plants in direct sunlight will need more water. Check the soil, as it is the root that needs valuable moisture. If you have beautiful beds, pots and baskets that need different water flow speeds so as not to damage the delicate plants, Flopro Professional spray guns offer a choice of spray patterns and are made from metal and soft touch rubber that is lightweight and easy to use and don’t leak.

Flopro Professional Spray Gun for delicate beds, pots and baskets

Extra Care for New Plants

Anything you have planted this year needs a little more TLC watering wise. Until plants become more established, they require more care and a good soaking a few times a week. If you love getting your hands dirty, check the feel of the soil or use a moisture meter.

Keeping new trees and shrubs watered correctly in the early months and years will encourage root growth and pay dividends in the future. If you prefer a ready-to-use Hose & Cart system, the Flopro Professional includes a 30-metre hose, a selection of dual fit outside connectors and a 1.5m cart to tap connector set. It is anti-leak and anti-twist, kink resistant and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Watering Evenly at the Root

When you are directing your water flow at the base of a plant, ensure you move the water around the plant as watering on one side all the time may result in uneven growth. Don’t soak the leaves as this encourages disease whilst thirsty roots may miss out.

Soaker hoses are good for keeping a plant rich area hydrated, saving up to 70% of water by eliminating evaporation. With universal snap fit fittings, our soaker hose has a 10-year guarantee.

Luscious lawns

Looking after a lawn in the scorching summer months can be a full-time job. A watering system with extensive coverage, like the Flopro Professional Tripod Sprinkler, will make short work of watering beds, lawns and borders in larger gardens with a coverage area of up to 23 metres diameter.

Don’t cut your lawn too short, or brown patches can occur as the sun scorches it. Water occasionally, but allow for the lawn to be soaked when you do so moisture reaches the roots.

Solar Irrigation

If you are passionate about ecological gardening, try the Flopro Eco Smart Watering Solution. This solar efficient irrigation system is easy to set up and will water plants every 3 hours, making it particularly helpful for watering your valuable plants while you are away. It automatically switches off during hours of darkness to avoid overwatering and waters for approximately three weeks when linked to a 200-litre water butt. Because of its optimal use of water, it ensures 90% less water waste than when using a hose.

Right Watering Tools for the Right Task

Flopro Professional Nozzle

When you are looking to keep beds, borders, baskets and seeds watered and nourished you automatically choose the best tools for the job. The same should be the case with watering.

The Flopro Professional range has been developed to provide the serious gardener with all the tools they need to effectively and stylishly keep a garden large or small hydrated. It encompasses hoses, carts, reels, connectors and accessories. The whole range is compatible with other brands and hoses and connectors are leak-free. Hoses come with a reassuring lifetime guarantee and are anti-twist, anti-kink and crushproof, so you know each season you can bring out your reliable Flopro watering solution.