The popularity of firepits continues to rise, as more people appreciate their multiple benefits. Combining the practicality of a barbecue and the ability to cook outdoors with a social spot that generates beautiful heat to last into the evening, they are a truly social addition to the garden. Our range for 2020 includes traditional fire pits, plus fire globes and fire baskets.

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Firepits UK Classic with Tripod Legs (60cm)

With a design inspired by the tripod, the Firepits UK Classic is a simple and elegant firepit that sits well in any setting.

Price: £190

Firepits UK Plain Jane with Swing Arm (60cm)

The Firepits UK Plain Jane adds a modern twist to an old classic with the addition of a swing arm barbecue rack. The practical swing arm can be completely removed by simply lifting off after cooking, leaving you free to enjoy the warmth, light and atmosphere of your fire pit into the evening.

Price: £265

Firepits UK Plain Jane with Swing Arm (80cm)

A larger version of the 60 cm, Plain Jane with swing arm, for practical, stylish and social cooking and heating in the garden. 

Price: £345

La Hacienda Wildfire Fire Pit

This stylish and substantially sized firepit has a deep bowl with attractive flame design. It has a full circular, chrome-plated cooking grill, allowing you to create an alfresco feast in no time.

Price: £129.99

La Hacienda Katori Fire Pit

Inspired by the Japanese city of Katori from which its name comes, this beautiful terracotta colour firepit has both oriental and rustic characteristics. Create a stylish centre point for evening gatherings in the garden. 

Price: £199.99

La Hacienda Arbos Fire Pit

A large, solid-looking steel fire pit, designed with airflow coming in from all sides to create larger flames. An attractive focal point for evenings in the garden, with its distinctive crosshatch design.  

Price: £149.99

La Hacienda Leaves Fire Globe

This fire globe takes the traditional benefits of the fire pit in terms of a focal point and warmth and adds an element of exceptional style. The laser cut leaf design looks stunning by day or night and will cast atmospheric shadows by the flickering light of the fire. Made from oxidised steel, it has a weathered look that suits both modern and traditional gardens.

Price: £149.99

La Hacienda Anubis Fire Basket

Made from high-quality steel, with a design that maximizes the flow of air, the Anubis dire basket will become the flaming focus of any social event with its classically simple good looks.

Price: £69.99

La Hacienda Osiris Fire Basket

This quirky fire basket has a unique laser-cut design that offers glimpses of burning flames and allows for ventilation on all sides creating a beautiful, large fire. Named after the Egyptian guardian of the underworld, it creates a compact point of drama to commune around in the garden.

Price: £89.99

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