Chimeneas & Heaters

Chimeneas have been used for hundreds of years for cooking and heating. Modern chimeneas include designs that hark back to a traditional area and contemporary versions that will create a focal point in the garden. We have a range of chimeneas, as well as garden heaters, at Hillier Garden Centres.

La Hacienda Murcia Chimenea - Extra Large

With a classic black finish and understated design, the Murcia chimenea will suit any style of garden. Perfect for wood-fired garden feasts or a central point offering warmth and light into the night.

Price: £119.99

La Hacienda Colorado Chimenea - Medium

The Colorado chimenea from La Hacienda brings together style and function in perfect harmony. The sleek, rocket-shaped design encases the real wood fire to provide warmth and a soothing glow from the flames.

Price: £129.99

La Hacienda Spanish Scroll Chimenea

With its earthy tones and simple Spanish scroll motif, the Spanish Scroll is a charmingly modest chimenea for outdoor heating and entertainment. It includes a chrome-plated cooking grill, allowing it to be used for alfresco dinners as well as social moments.

Price: £89.99

La Hacienda Tana Grill Chimenea - Light Grey

This simple, sturdy and attractive two-piece clay chimenea is a welcome addition to the garden. The flue can be lifted off for easy grilling, making it a versatile addition to outdoor dining and social occasions. 

Price: £99.99

La Hacienda Tana Stone Effect Chimenea - Medium

This traditional clay chimenea has an appealing, modern look to it that would suit most styles of garden. The wood fire creates a focal point to gather around in the evening, providing a gentle, enjoyable warmth.

Price: £69.99 

La Hacienda Nero Revolving Table Top Heater

The sophisticated Nero Revolving Table Top Heater is stylish and cost-effective. The environmentally-conscious design uses an oscillating inner reflector to radiate the heat from the carbon infrared elements, allowing it to warm a large area. This portable heater comes with two heat settings to the perfect warmth for those gathered around.

Price: £79.99

La Hacienda Vintage Searchlight Heater 

This innovatively designed heater will be a hit with anyone who enjoys vintage, retro and industrial styled pieces. The powerful halogen heater has three heat settings, meaning it can be used to warm even the coldest evening in style. The steel stand reaches to almost 7 foot in height and can be angled to provide heat exactly where it's wanted.

Price: £269.99

La Hacienda Silver Series Hanging Mushroom Heater 

This is a powerful and sleek stainless steel heater that efficiently spreads its warmth over a large area, producing no emissions. Ideal when attached to an outdoor structure such as a pergola, the pull-cord operated heater will keep everyone warm when the temperature falls.

Price: £99.99

La Hacienda Silver Series Polaris Standing Electric Heater

This freestanding, infrared stainless steel electric patio heater brings style and warmth to your outdoor space. With three heat settings and adjustable height, it provides all the warmth you need, directed to where you need it.

Price: £199.99 

La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular Parasol Heater

Attach this superb heater under your parasol and enjoy the warmth from the four lamps long into the evening. With a smart hammered black finish, the Heatmaster Popular heater is both stylish and functional. 

Price: £129.99