Hillier Nurseries has been growing top quality plants for more than 155 years and encouraging them to be at their best once you’ve planted them in your garden is a fantastic way to show them some extra special care. Using a formulated plant feed will help your plants to develop and grow with a boost of added nutrients.

Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Feed is the ultimate plant feed to achieve 4x more blooms* as well as more fruit and vegetables in your garden, Formulated with the perfect blend of nutrients and the first feed optimised for both peat and peat free compost.

Boost has been developed with PlantSenseTM technology. This water management technology ensures maximised water absorption with minimal surface run off. Optimised for all compost and soil types, nutrients are released gradually to ensure plant growth is continual. Boost contains high levels of quality potassium for vibrant healthy plants with extra iron and magnesium plus seaweed. A plant feed that guarantees health growth and seasonal long blooms.

Boost is suitable for feeding all flowering and fruiting plants in your garden, including ericaceous plants. With an accurate dosing system, this makes feeding your plants easier than ever. Apply the feed every time you water when plants are actively growing between June and September.

How To Use:

  1. Gently squeeze the cap from front to back
  2. Fill the dosing chamber with feed (10ml) and stop squeezing
  3. Pour into a waitering can and mix with 4.5L of water
  4. For ease, feed every time you water when plants are actively growing (Mar – Sept)

*when compared with plants that have not been treated with Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Feed

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