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Plants are our passion, we are always happy to share plant advice via the experts in our Garden Centres or online. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for below, please view all FAQs or contact us using our online form.  

Plant Advice FAQs

Do you have / could you get xxx plant or product?

If you are looking for a specific product, you can use the search function on this website to see if it is available to purchase. If you cannot find it, you may want to telephone your nearest Hillier Garden Centre to see if they have it or can order it for you. Alternatively, contact your local garden centre via our online form and we will be happy to answer your request.

Do you sell large / mature trees?

Yes! Hillier is in fact the largest grower of semi-mature trees in the UK and it is possible for private individuals as well as commercial organisations to buy from our huge range. You can find out more and make your enquiry here.

My plant is not looking very healthy / has an issue. Can you help?

We are always happy to offer plant advice. Send your local Hillier Garden Centre a message via our online form letting us know what the problem is, including photos if possible. One of our plant experts will take a look and we can share recommendations and hopefully get your plant back to peak health again.

What is a plant passport?

Plant Health and biosecurity are vital to protect UK plants whether they are growing in a garden or in the wild. Hillier works hard to ensure all our plants are clean, healthy and that any plants brought onto the nursery are thoroughly checked and monitored to keep them clean. 

All plants moved in the UK commercially carry a plant passport. Hillier is authorised to issue these.  On the right hand side of all our price labels you will notice a Plant Passport section with four sections of information, lettered from A to D:

A: Genus and species of plant

B: Hillier Plant Passport Number. This enables the plant to be traced back to our nursery.

C: Batch Number. This enables us to track the history of the plant, where it came from, when and where it was potted, what compost batch it was grown in and what sprays may have been applied to it.

D: Country of origin. If the plant was purchased from another grower as a young plant, this section will show the country of origin. This information must remain with the plant for 12 months after purchase.

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