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We sell Hillier Gift Cards for use anywhere in our Garden Centres, Restaurants or Online Shop. Find some commonly asked questions here. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for below, please view all FAQs or contact us using our online form.

Gift Card FAQs

How can I buy Hillier Gift Cards?

You can purchase Hillier Gifts Cards directly online, or they are available for purchase at the till at all Hillier Garden Centres.

If I purchase a gift card for someone, can it be sent directly to them?

Yes, of course. If you purchase your Hillier Gift Card online, you will have the option to specify a different delivery address from the billing address at checkout. You also have the option to specify it is a gift and add a short message for inclusion.

Can I purchase a gift card for afternoon tea?

Yes, you can. Our gift cards are available in a range of designs, including a special afternoon tea one and can be used in our Hillier Restaurants (as well as for anything in our Garden Centres or Online Shop).

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