Festive Food at Hillier Garden Centres

One of the many memorable parts of Christmas is the delicious array of food and drink items that are part of festive celebrations. Visit your nearest Hillier Garden Centre this Christmas and browse our range of quality food and drink products, including our range of authentic Italian treats, new for Christmas 2020.

Authentically Italian  

Panettone limoncello cream hand wrapped, £11.99; Traditional pandoro boxed, £13.99; Classic panettone in a decorative tin, £19.99; Nougat log (wild berry / Amaretto / pistachio), £5.49; Lobster tails (filled with lemon cream / pistachio cream), £3.49  

Sombreroni multi-coloured pasta, £5.99; Fantasia multi-coloured bow pasta, £4.99; Fortuna jar with 3-colour spaghetti, £12.99; Fortuna jar with gluten-free fusilloni; Chargrilled peppers, £3.99; Garlic marinated in herbs, £3.99 

When it comes to impressive flavour, Italy is up with the very best. Discover our new range of Italian food and drink products at all Hillier Garden Centres, sourced directly from the finest Italian producers by family-owned business Tenuta Marmorelle. 

Look for panettones made by Borsari, one of the best Panettone producers in Italy. Baked in very small batches using real eggs, butter and milk they are made to a traditional family recipe. The mouth-watering flavours include limoncello, which has a limoncello cream running throughout; Pear and Chocolate with chocolate chip pieces and an extraordinary duck-shaped panettone with orange cream running through the centre. 

In select centres, you can also find Limoncello Liqueur, which is handmade near Naples.  All the lemons are peeled by hand and infused in alcohol for several days. Keep in the freezer and drink as it is, or add a splash to gin and tonic or to prosecco for a special but simple cocktail. 

Mouth-watering Morsels

The Wooden Spoon preserved fruits (raspberries with rum / apricots with Amaretto / cherries with kirsch / peaches with brandy / figs with cognac), £6.99 

Steven Brown all butter shortbread rounds decorative tins, £6.99 

Cavendish & Harvey candies jar (fruit / berry / citrus flavours), £6.99 or 2 for £12 

Drivers cheese lovers box, £12.99; Drivers Christmas gift box, £12.99; Drivers picked onions 1.7kg, £9.99; Drivers mini onions in balsamic vinegar with honey 1.7kg, £9.99; Drivers cornichons in white balsamic vinegar 1.7kg, £9.99 

Snaffling pig pork crackling 275g (perfectly salted / black pepper / bbq), £14.99

Discover our flavour-packed range of festive food and drink at all Hillier Garden Centres, including traditional chutneys, tapenades, delightfully grown-up snacks, preserves and beautiful gifting tins of biscuits and chocolates.

Treats to take you all the way to the New Year!

Festive food and drink range available now from all Hillier Garden Centres