Eucalyptus Decorating Style

The soft green elegant leaves of the eucalyptus, bringing evergreen beauty to the winter garden, are the inspiration behind this Christmas decorating trend for 2020. The magical combination of natural greens, sparkling silver and icy white decorations together with playful character ornaments creates a charming festive display.

Eucalyptus Theme Christmas Tree

Decorate your tree in shades of silver, green and white. Delicate baubles with glittering tops or snow etchings will help create the sense of magic.

Tree - 6ft Grandis Fir, £179; Decorations from £3.99 - £9.99

Add fantastical figures of silver acorns, snowy owls and charming fairies. 

White resin owl, £6.99; Glass acorn with beaded top, £2.99; Eucalyptus tree top fairy (small), £12.99 

Feature Floor Display

It can be easy to forget about what's happening on the floor when decorating - most of what we see is, after all, at eye level. But a few well-placed lanterns filled with flickering, battery-powered candles can create an attractive focal point that draws your gaze downwards. 

Stockholm lantern set of 3, £49.99; Aluminium lantern, £39.99; Santa with green plaid coat and sack, £32.99

Eucalyptus Door Wreath

Bring your decorating theme to life from the moment you reach your front door by creating a complementary wreath. Wire in silver and green baubles, flowers and glittering snowflakes, then finish with twinkling lights. This wreath extends the natural look by adding plenty of evergreen foliage from the garden. 

Playful Lighting

Use lighting around your home and garden to bring to life the fun, folklore-ish essence of this decorating style. Micro LED battery-powered lights are fantastic to highlight any feature, such as picking out decorations on your table wreath. Create a real focal point with illuminated garden statues. The figure of a snowman or reindeer lit in your garden will raise a smile even when, as the song goes, the weather outside is frightful. 

White wicker snowman, £99.99; White wicker standing reindeer, £99.99

Green Fingered Gifts

The natural world can offer great inspiration for our decorations. For those who love nature and the garden, finding great Christmas gifts is easy. Top-quality gardening tools that will last over the years will always be appreciated.  

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