Artificial and Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Modern artificial trees are so fantastically realistic, you’ll forget it’s not the real thing.

Visit your local Hillier Garden Centre this Christmas and find an amazing range of artificial Christmas trees, including mini and full-size pre-lit trees.

Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees

St Moritz - 3ft / 6.5ft

Price: £44.99 (3ft) / £149 (6.5ft) 

Tree Details

A classically elegant looking artificial Christmas tree, available in a smaller 3ft size of full 6.5ft height.  

Allison Pine – 5ft / 6ft

Price: £99.99 (5ft) / £149 (6ft)

Tree Details

The Allison Pine is a realistic-looking artificial tree with fully bushy branches shaped to allow for beautiful decorating. Designed with three hinged parts for easy assembly, the tree comes with a foldable metal stand. Available as a 5ft or 6ft tree.

Grandis Fir – 5ft / 6ft / 7ft

Price: £119 (5ft) / £179 (6ft) / £229 (7ft)

Tree Details

The Grandis Fir is a beautiful tree, designed with three hinged parts for easy assembly. Once you have unfolded the tree, you will discover lovely, full, bushy branches. Tree includes a foldable metal stand. Available as a 5ft or 7ft tree.

Shetland Pine – 6ft

Price: £169

Tree Details

A beautiful, classic, artificial Christmas tree that will suit any style of decorating. Realistic looking, full branches, hinged for easy assembly. Comes with a metal swivel stand.

Snowy Vancouver Mini Tree – 2ft

Price: £16.99

Tree Details

The Snowy Vancouver Mini Artificial Christmas Tree is ideal for your hallway or office reception area. With beautiful, snowy flecked branches, it’s perfect for adding a festive touch to any setting. 

Liberty Spruce Snowy Tree – 6ft

Price: £99.99

Tree Details

Your home will look as though you've wandered into a winter wonderland with the snowy Liberty Spruce snowy tree. An easy to assemble hinged tree with more than 1,000 snow-flecked tips.

Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees

Allison Pine Mini Pre-Lit Potted Tree – 2ft

Price: £29.99

Tree Details

A fantastic mini tree to brighten up side tables, shelves, and more. An attractive tree made up of 327 tips that comes already in a metal pot. The LED lights are battery-powered, making it even easier to display in a position of your choosing. 

Allison Pine Pre-Lit – 7ft

Price: £249

Tree Details

The 7ft Pre-lit Allison Pine is a fantastic tree to make a beautiful statement in your home. It has full bushy branches shaped to allow for beautiful decorating and comes ready arranged with 430 warm white LED lights to ensure perfect stress-free illumination. Designed with three hinged parts for easy assembly, the tree comes with a foldable metal stand.

How to Get Your Artificial Tree Looking its Best

Whether you are putting it up for the first or tenth time, every year you unpack your artificial tree there are some simple steps you can take to make the branches look at their fullest and most realistic. For smaller trees, you can shape all the branches when positioned on the tree. For tall trees, you may want to shape the top parts first to avoid having to stand on a ladder to do so.

1. Fan Out the Back Branches

Start the process of getting your tree to its best by taking each branch and working from the back end, closest to the tree trunk. Fan out the branches positioned closest to the tree trunk by gently shaping them upwards or sideways. These branches will also act to hide the tree trunk.

2. Move to the Mid Branch

Progress onwards down each branch. Separate out any branches coming off the sides of the main stem - not every artificial tree will have these. 

3. Finish with the Tips

At the tip of the branch - the most visible part - continue to separate and spread each tip so the foliage resembles as closely as possible the natural movement of a real Christmas tree.

4. Work on the Total Shape from Bottom to Top

Now each individual branch has been beautifully shaped and are all positioned around your tree, start at the bottom and go up layer by layer all the way to the top to ensure each branch has been properly shaped. You may need a ladder for the top of taller trees; make sure it is firmly on the ground and ideally work with another individual to ensure it stays securely in place.

5. Step Back and Admire

Stand well back from your tree regularly while shaping to make sure you are happy with the overall effect and to spot any areas that could use a little extra shaping. Once you are completely happy with the shape, begin the fun of decorating! 

View our range of artificial Christmas trees at your nearest Hillier Garden Centre. For more festive inspiration, visit the Christmas section of this website.