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Innovation and Development

Discussion and feedback from our customers has led to some exciting developments, not only in the range of species, but also in influencing the shape or form of trees, thus adding more to the designer’s palette.

Cube-headed trees

Used across Europe to create wonderful avenues and special spaces. Hillier Nurseries produce Tilia and Carpinus as cubes in a range of sizes 20-25cm girth upwards. These trees are proving popular for urban projects due to their strong architectural form.

Cubed trees are produced on a 2.2metre clear stem and have been shaped and grown on in the nursery to provide a good shaped cube to give real instant impact.

Pleached trees

Demand has grown for these flat-trained pleached trees. Again, they are produced with a 2.2m clear stem and then trained out onto 5 lines. Trees are grown on a bamboo framework which can be kept on the trees when planted. Depending on the desired effect, the usual planting distance would be 3.0m centres.

The species currently produced as pleached are the traditional Tilia, Carpinus betulus and Platanus. However, new species are being trialled for the future.

Parasol or Roof-trained trees

We also produce a range of species for urban use, outdoor cafés etc. Contact the Sales Office for the latest information.

Archways, Balls or Instant Pollards

More special interest forms for the project which requires something extra special at a large enough size to give you instant impact.