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Acer campestre ‘Elsrijk’

Field Maple

Common Name

Field Maple


A hardy tree which will thrive in most soil conditions. Can tolerate compaction and pollution well. Due to its neat canopy, it is an ideal choice for tighter urban locations.


This Dutch cultivar is a medium size tree, with a closed, upright canopy structure.


Dark green leaves during the summer which are 3 lobed. These develop into the classic autumn display of golden butterscotch associated with field maple.


10m high x 6m wide after 25 years

Tree Type

Deciduous Broadleaf

This cultivar was originally created by the Dutch garden architect Chris. P. Broerse. He practised new trends at the time of planting species that worked together in difficult marshy conditions. Whilst designing the public green spaces in the of district of Amstelveen, he required certain trees to have an up-righted canopy which would thrive in the specific Dutch conditions. He found two Field Maples that more or less meet these requirements in the small district of Elsrijk, and in 1937 he began his first cultivars.

In 1953 the final Elsrijk was selected and has remained a very popular street and avenue tree in Holland.

For a tighter, even more uniformed tree that was cultivated here in the UK from our own native field maple, try the Acer campestre Streetwise.