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Betula utilis 'Jermyns' - multi-stem

"Himalayan Birch"

Betula Utilis 'jermyns' - Multi-stem

Common Name

"Himalayan Birch"


Grows in majority of well drained soils. Vigorous in growth and well suited for ornamental use due to its bark and leaves


Similar to the Jacquemontii, but its leaves a noticeably larger with deep, crinkle cut grooves running through them


Glistening white bark that shines extremely brightly within luminous moonlight


10m high x 5m wide after 25 years

A popular ornamental birch with an open canopy and almost shimmering, glistening white bark. This stunning form had originally caught the eye of Sir Harold Hillier himself whilst walking amongst the Betula jacquemontii. He admired the dramatic long catkins which hung 20cm in length, and the large leaves which are strongly ridged with defined grooves.

As he did with many trees that took his fancy, he cloned this tree and named it after his house Jermyns within the Hillier grounds. Since then the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens have been donated to Hampshire county council and managed as a charitable trust.

We continue to grow this tree at Hilliers the same as it was back when it first took the fancy of Sir Harold back in the 60s. This ensures each tree is uniformed, consistent and its bark glistening within a bright winter moonlight.