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Sorbus ‘Sunshine’

"Mountain Ash"

Sorbus ‘Sunshine’

"Mountain Ash"


Tree Information

This Sorbus was raised on our nurseries in 1968 as a seedling from Sorbus Joseph Rock. Its superior qualities have meant this has out-stripped its parent, and so has replaced it in our production. It has great vigour and as such are quick to establish and soon reaches its final height as a small tree. Though starting upright it becomes fuller and rounder when mature.

The white flowers appear profusely during May and June in corymbs and are followed by a great many bunches of large berries that turn a bright golden yellow in mid to late summer. These are a great foil for an excellent autumn display of foliage which it shares with its parent – red-orange with hints of purple.

The leaves are a dark green colour in the summer before they start to turn in autumn – which they do so before their parent Sorbus Joseph Rock. Another advantage Sorbus Sunshine has over its parent is its greater resistance to fireblight. This is a first-class small tree.

Size 7m high x 4m wide after 25 years. Ultimately a small tree.
Canopy Neat, upright when young then becoming rounder.
Foliage Pinnate – a mid-rib with 14-16 leaflets.
Flowers White flowers in May and early June.
Fruit Yellow fruits.

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