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Quercus palustris

"Pin Oak"

Quercus palustris

"Pin Oak"


Tree Information

One of the American oaks, the Pin Oak is a very distinctive large tree due to its naturally balanced triangular shape made up of its straight main stem and slender horizontal branching structure. When established, the canopy will be quite dense, which adds to the strong sense of formal structure that the tree provides.

This tree does particularly well in moist neutral to acid soils, but also in most well drained UK soils other than chalk and limestone.

Another feature of the tree is the leaves which are sharply lobed and glossy green. Their autumn colour is one of the best as it is so consistent in turning a rich scarlet red before falling. In winter, the tree has a magnificent, strongly pyramidal, silhouette.

Size 10m high x 5m wide after 25 years. Ultimately a large tree.
Canopy Large, uniform pyramidal shaped crown.
Foliage Deeply and sharply lobed, smaller than the Red oak. They are glossy green on both sides and turn a striking scarlet in the autumn.

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