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Prunus ‘Pandora’


Prunus ‘Pandora’



Tree Information

A wonderful hybrid of Prunus subhirtella and Prunus yedoensis that was originally discovered by English nursery Waterer Sons and Crisp in the 1930s.

The canopy is slender and column-like, which reaches out further as it matures, creating a rounded vase form as the crown.

Its buds form like pink cotton candy clusters which bundle along the branches. In April these open to a cloud of pretty white flowers that have subtle tones of pink washed over them. These mature into white shades of silk that look fresh and stunning.

The leaves open with a bronzed glimmer to the shades of red. As the days warm, they become a dark healthy green for the summer. As the autumn approaches, they develop vivid shades of pumpkin orange and fiery crimson reds.

This little tree is very accepting of pruning, making it ideal for street tree planting and tighter public open spaces. The water-wash colours of spring and vivid firework display of autumn can transform even the bleakest of concrete locations.

Size 8m high x 5m wide after 25 years.
Environment A tough tree that is suitable for most soil types which are free draining, as does not tolerate water logging.
Foliage The leaves appear bronzed red, which develop dark healthy shades of green for the summer. Come the autumn they display beautiful shades of sticky ornage and crimson reds.
Multi Stem Multi-stem option available
Flowers In early spring the cotton candy pink buds open to a profusion of white flowers. These are toned with washes of pink that water blot the petals. They mature into brighter whites, appearing like raspberries swirled in fresh creamy yoghurt drizzled over the canopy.

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