Hillier is delighted to offer a contract growing service for required shrubs and herbaceous plants for larger projects.

Hillier Trees has been growing top-quality trees for more than 150 years, supplied from the company’s field and container tree nurseries in Hampshire.

For larger projects, we can also offer a contract growing service for any required shrubs and herbaceous plants. These are grown by Hillier Nurseries in Hampshire to the same exceptional quality standards as the trees.

The Benefits of Contract Growing

When you choose contract growing with us, we will work with your projects’ herbaceous list and grow to your required specification, quantities and timelines.

You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your plants are being grown exactly as required, ready for your call-off dates. This also simplifies projects by having an easy-to-manage one-stop shop for trees and shrubs.

How Contract Growing Works

1. Based on your plant list, Hillier will give you a quote. Once accepted, a simple contract will be signed.

2. Stock will then be potted and grown in accordance with your requirements.

3. We encourage you to visit us and make nursery inspections of your plants, to ensure you are happy with them.

4. Delivery is arranged to your site at your specified date.

If you would like to discuss contract growing, then please contact us here.