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Knowledge Shared at Hillier Trees Meet The Suppliers Event

Image: Hillier Trees begin the ‘Meet the Suppliers’ day with a tour of the Hillier container tree nursery in Hampshire

Hillier Trees held a ‘Meet the Suppliers’ day for local authorities on Wednesday 1st March. The event commenced with a guided tour of our Broadmead container tree nursery. This was followed by a live demonstration by Platipus, showcasing their anchoring and guying systems required for larger tree planting.

Image: Platipus anchors demosntrate their below-ground anchoring system

The group then communed at Hillier Head Office near Romsey, Hampshire for further presentations from key industry suppliers including Melcourt, who presented their 100% peat-free growing media for the arboriculture and landscaping sectors. These growing media are used within the Hillier Broadmead Container nursery. Finally, Green Blue Urban presented their latest urban tree planting methodology. The event concluded with an open buffet for networking and discussion.

Image: One of the suppliers, Green Blue Urban, share the latest in tree planting in urban areas

The event concluded with an open buffet for networking and discussion, a great opportunity to talk about some of the most important industry topics of the day.