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Salix alba ‘Britzensis’

"Scarlet Willow"

Common Name

"Scarlet Willow"


15m high x 10m wide after 25 years. Ultimately a large tree but can be successfully pollarded.


Broadly columnar tree.


Silvery, lanceolate leaves occurring in billowy masses – silky, hairy leaves.

The Scarlet Willow is a variety derived from the native Salix alba. It differs by its brilliant red winter stems of its twigs. These are best pruned hard back every other year in March to ensure a stellar show of orange-scarlet winter stems.

Left alone, it will form a magnificent large, elegant tree which is broadly upright with slender, reaching branches; adorned with silky, hairy leaves which attractively appear silver.

The flowers are wind pollinated, slender catkins that appear with the young leaves in spring. The seeds are also distributed by the wind and by river.