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Betula pendula ‘Dalecarlica’

"Swedish Birch"

Common Name

"Swedish Birch"


8m high x 2m wide after 25 years


Grows in majority of well drained soils. Like most birch is fast growing and establishes quickly and well suited for sandy soils


Similar to the silver birch, but is a little more shaggy in form with upright branches that delicately arch at the very ends


Very elegant foliage which dances in the mildest of winds due to its unique, deeply cut leaves

Betula pendula Dalecarlica is one of the most graceful of the birch family. Its leaves are quite unique, with deeply cut margins giving a feathered appearance. Each of these feathers, acts like thousands of individual sails catching the smallest of winds. Combined with its shaggy canopy, it is quite mesmerising to just take five minutes out, and watch the canopy ripple and flutter.

Its autumn colour is a melted gold, and like most birch, will establish quickly in well drained locations. Sites with a sandy soil are particularly suited for this birch, with full or part sunlight.

Its branches are a little more upright then the Silver birch, with only the tips being pendula and hanging down. This allows for easy maintenance on street trees with less frequent crown raise works required. As the name suggests, this is the national tree of Sweden.