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Betula ‘Edinburgh’

"Silver Birch"

Common Name

"Silver Birch"


10m x 2.5m (height x width) after 25 years


A hardy tree that establishes in most soils types including chalk or clay. Will tolerate dry conditions and prefers an acidic soil


The Edinburgh has an upright, ascending canopy. This makes it ideal for lifting the crown and allowing ground clearance within tighter locations

This is a very recent addition to the birch family that was hybridised only 50 years ago. It is a cross between Betula utilis and Betula albosinensis and was discovered growing in the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens. The original tree from which cuttings were taken is now 40ft high, so in maturity it seems similar to its parent Himalayan birch.

Because of its upright, tighter canopy, the Edinburgh is ideal for busy shopping districts and retail high streets. It will take well to lifting the canopy, and its dappled summer shade will not darken shop windows or entrances. Its white peeling bark will also contrast well with the urban infrastructure.