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Acer lobelii

"Lobels Maple"

Common Name

"Lobels Maple"


12m high x 3m wide after 25 years


The perfect choice of Maple for narrow, tighter urban locations. It establishes well in hard surfacing and is tolerant of highly exposed sites. Its unique form also creates a stunning park or landscape feature.


One of the very few trees to naturally grow as a fastigiate form. The slender canopy has tight up-righted branches where the crown can reach up to 25m tall.


The five-pointed leaves are a lush shiny green, which melt into soft shades of yellow in the autumn.

Acer lobelii, commonly known as Lobels Maple, is quite a rare tree that naturally occurred grouped together in pocket areas of Southern Italy. It is thought by some to be a natural hybrid between the Asian Acer cappadocicum and the European Acer platanoides. Because it has many differences from these parents though, it is accepted by many to treat it as a distinct species. It has thrived upon our nursery for many years and establishes extremely well here in the UK.

A unique aspect of Acer lobelii is its form, being one of the very few to be naturally fastigiate. Its narrow slender canopy reaches upwards, becoming vase shaped and wider at the top than at its bottom. This allows for fantastic use within tighter urban locations where available space is at a minimum. It establishes extremely well in areas of hard surfacing and tolerates high winds caused in tunnels created by high infrastructure.

It prefers a lower to medium Ph soil, and will not thrive in the higher alkaline Ph levels.

This is an ideal tree for tight central reservations and narrow pedestrian walkways. This trees distinct form also allows for stunning parkland planting. When planted as an avenue or a row along a driveway entrance, its precise form creates striking architecture