How to Make a Christmas Wreath

How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Whether you are a crafts master or something of a novice, making your own Christmas wreath is simple if you just follow a few essential steps.

In our guide to how to make a Christmas wreath, we show you how to create something beautiful and personal for your front door or table.

Step 1: Select your base

Good wreaths start with an easy-to-use ring. The most straightforward is an oasis foam memory wreath, which makes adding material extremely simple. Copper wire rings are another good alternative, which can then be lightly covered with moss and then foliage.

Step 2: Choose your materials

When choosing materials, think about your theme and the overall look you want to create. For example, for a naturalistic look with hints of gold, raid your garden for apples and apple tree foliage, fennel leaves, fir cones, euonymus branches, ivy and white roses – depending what is available and looking good.

You will probably need more plant material than you initially think – a well-packed wreath gives a fantastic finished appearance.

If materials from your garden are in short supply, you can find all manner of foliage and extras at your local Hillier Garden Centre. We will be happy to help!

Step 3: When creating your wreath, think ‘Catherine wheel’

When creating using a memory foam ring, push your plant material end first into the memory foam ring. Start from the top and bottom, then work your way around the sides. Add material at a slight angle – think of a Catherine wheel spinning on a bonfire! As best you can, maintain the same slight angle all the way around. Vary the height and type of material you place next to each other for interest.

Step 4: Add hard accessories

When it comes to the extra decorative touches, there really are no limits to what you can choose to decorate. Baubles always work well. Three tied together with wire, with the wire end pushed into the memory foam, makes a beautiful stand-out spot on a wreath. Large items like fir cones and apples should also be wired. Large bows and scented material, like cinnamon sticks or orange segments, are also fantastic additions.

You can find plenty of inspiration from any of our Christmas Decorating themes. For a Woodland Treasure theme, for example, add playful animal decorations; for a Festive Sparkle theme, include velvet flower clips and glittering swans or for an Enchanted Frosttheme, add mystical blue butterflies.

Step 5: Hang proudly from your front door or place in the centre of your table


Would you like some help finding the materials for your wreath? Visit your local Hillier Garden Centre. We will be happy to help!