Guide to Christmas Lights

Perfectly looped and spaced Christmas lights are a key part of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. There are also so many amazing modern Christmas light options available that allow you to get creative with light displays and create a brilliant festive atmosphere.

Read our guide to different types of Christmas lights and how you can have fun with them around your home.

Twinkle and Compact Lights

The classic light choices for your Christmas tree are twinkle or compact lights. Depending on the look and density of lights you are hoping to achieve, we recommend the following number of lights based on your tree size:

4ft tree | 180 twinkle lights

5ft tree | 180 twinkle lights / 750 compact lights

6ft tree | 360 twinkle lights / 750 compact lights

7ft tree | 360 twinkle lights / 1500 compact lights

Key products:

  • 180 LED Twinkle Lights (in cool white, warm white or multi-coloured) £19.99
  • 360 LED Twinkle Lights (in cool white, warm white or multi-coloured) £32.99
  • 750 LED Compact Lights (in cool white, warm white or multi-coloured) £39.99
  • 1500 LED Compact Lights (in cool white, warm white or multi-coloured) £64.99

Longer Length Lights

If you have a larger space, or a taller tree (7ft+), choose Christmas lights with a longer length and a larger number of lights. Long lights are also ideal for outdoor use – try wrapping them around an interesting tree trunk, trailing them along your garden fence or making creative pops of light through hedgerows.

Key products:

  • 1500 LED Compact Lights (in cool white, warm white or multi-coloured) £64.99

Battery Powered Lights

For decorating outdoors, battery-operated lights are an extremely convenient option, particularly if you don’t have easy access to a power point. Battery operated Christmas lights typically operate on a timer, allowing you to set them once then ensure light when you want it all festive season.

Key products:

  • 192 Durawise Lights (in cool white or warm white) £24.99
  • 400 Durawise Rechargeable Lights (in warm white) £39.99

Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are a hugely popular way to create a real festive impact with your outdoor decorating. Hung to frame windows and doors, icicle lights make your home look even more welcoming for visitors around the festive season.

Key products:

  • 175 Icicle Twinkle Lights (in cool white/white or cool white/blue) £29.99
  • 490 Icicle Twinkle Lights (in white/cool white) £49.99

Copper Wire Lights

Dainty copper wire lights create the perfect amount of Christmas twinkle, brightening up dark corners. Try winding copper lights around a pile of logs to add sparkle to your living space – but don’t forget to remove before burning your logs!

Key products:

  • Microwire lights (in cool white, warm white, warm white stars or multi-coloured) £16.99

Visit your nearest Hillier Garden Centre to see our full range of Christmas lights. Availability of lights may vary from centre to centre.